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How water filters can make you healthier

In our experience, Beverly Hills residents (like many people in Los Angeles) are slightly suspicious about their tap water. On paper, the regulations ensuring safe drinking are strong and enforced, but our city doesn’t exactly have a reputation for being clean. Pollution, overcrowding and heavy rainfall (not to mention the less-than-appealing state of much of […]

What we learned from the water main break in Westwood

By all accounts, Westwood experienced a massive water main break yesterday. Reportedly, up to 10 million gallons of water was lost, as the ruptured line flooded Sunset Blvd as well as sections of the UCLA campus. People were trapped in their cars; students had to wade to class. It was perhaps the worst plumbing emergency […]

Want to Know Your Neighborhood’s Most Common Plumbing Problems?

This is a question we get asked a lot.  Generally, people want to know if their burst pipe or overflowing toilet falls in line with the problems of their neighbors.  But even if they’re not in the throws of a plumbing emergency, they want to know if they should expect one, based on the issues […]

How To Use Bitcoin For Ritz Plumbing Services

Ritz Plumbing is excited to announce that we are now accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment for our services! If you’re not familiar with Bitcoin, it’s a relatively new form of digital currency designed to protect the consumer, and ensure an easier transaction for everyone involved.  In other words, everyone wins. If the phrase […]

Is UC Irvine Going Down?

If you are one of many students at UC Irvine who has never lived in Southern California before, then perhaps you haven’t yet discovered the power of an earthquake. The chance that the actual shaking will hurt you is minimal with most quakes. The true danger in most of these disasters is when infrastructure is […]

Beverage Plumbing Services From Ritz

We’re excited to be bringing to you a special new service, exclusively from your friends here at Ritz Plumbing: Beverage Plumbing. That’s Hawaiian Punch*… We’ve taken the far-out idea that’s been the subject of movies and imaginations for years, and decided that there’s no good reason to not offer these types of services to any […]

Irvine Could Pay For the Sins of Its Irresponsible Founders

Irvine owes its namesake to James Irvine, whose family was a prominent landowner of hundreds of thousands of acres once belonging to Mexican citizens in the form of ranchos. Now, it’s fortunate enough to be home to upscale housing, affluent residents and a mall one could liken to Santa Monica’s Third Street Promenade. The Irvine […]

Tankless Water Heaters in Marina Del Rey May Help the Drought

The worst drought in California history has recently happened in 2014, and if climate change is the reason for this, then this is only the beginning of problems that will worsen far beyond this winter. Clearly, residents of Marina Del Rey will need to change something in their lifestyles to prevent turning their paradise next […]

6 Handy Tips For Surviving Sochi

Sochi is just underway and there has been a myriad of reported issues for reporters, guests and athletes alike. It’s been such a problem #SochiProblems is springing up all over Twitter. We here at Ritz wanted to lend some simple technical advice for plumbing, heating and water issues as well as a few bonus tips. […]

If you thought public restrooms were bad, look what the Olympians at Sochi have to deal with!

The Olympics have always been a symbol for the brotherhood of man, the glory of competition… and plumbing problems? As the world turns its attention on Sochi, we’re discovering that the Russian city that’s known for its Black Sea resorts is now also known for its peculiar bathroom issues. Typically when you travel abroad, you […]

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