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What is your contractor not telling you?

While many Los Angeles contractors are trustworthy, some of them want to take advantage of you. The bad ones know that not every homeowner is an expert when it comes to home repairs. Likewise, few of us understand the contracting industry. A dubious person might use our lack of knowledge to deceive us. The general […]

Why your home may not pass inspection

Los Angeles homeowners know that selling their house can be an emotional experience. Not only do you need to make money on it, you’re letting go of your past, which is hard. While you ultimately can’t control the market, you can help ensure that the house goes to the right buyer. Some homeowners leave the […]

What we learned from the water main break in Westwood

By all accounts, Westwood experienced a massive water main break yesterday. Reportedly, up to 10 million gallons of water was lost, as the ruptured line flooded Sunset Blvd as well as sections of the UCLA campus. People were trapped in their cars; students had to wade to class. It was perhaps the worst plumbing emergency […]

Is your sewer line a disaster waiting to happen?

For some homes in Los Angeles, sewer lines pose a major threat. They provide a necessary service to residential and commercial properties, but after a certain point, they become vulnerable. Age leaves them exposed. Whether it’s encroaching tree roots or simple wear and tear over the years, eventually they need to be repaired or replaced. […]

Are these hot trends right for your remodel?

Unless you’re constantly updating your home, trends in interior design are impossible to follow. One year industrial-grade plumbing fixtures are in; the next year it’s all about a classic look. Los Angeles residents in particular feel pressure to keep up, since our city is so trend-conscious. At the end of the day, you have to […]

5 Tips To Make Your Lawn the Envy of Your Street

As summer gets under way, Los Angeles residents will be spending more time outdoors, soaking up our famous warm weather.  For anyone lucky enough to have a yard, this means lots of grilling and hanging with friends and family – that is, if the yard looks good. There’s nothing quite as off-putting as the site […]

3 Things You Need to Do Before Remodeling Your Bathroom

When it comes to remodeling your home, the first area most people target is the bathroom.  Which makes sense.  We spend a lot of time in our bathrooms, so we want them to look nice and clean, especially if we frequently have guests over. Los Angeles in particular is a city where the bar for […]

Read this before you try and repair at gas leak at home!

On paper, Hermosa Beach sounds like paradise. Few other places in Los Angeles offer such a fun, carefree lifestyle.  Even among beach communities in the South Bay (of which there are many), it stands out.  It almost seems like its residents are required to play beach volleyball or be paddle boarding at all times. Of […]

5 Reasons Why Sprinkler Systems Are Worth It

All it takes is five seconds. Whether it’s fair or not, people make up their mind about your home within five seconds of seeing it.  At that point, it’s tough to change anyone’s mind.  First impressions go a long way, especially in appearance-driven Los Angeles. Whether you live in Santa Monica or a valley suburb, […]

To DIY or not to DIY?

How do you deal with weak water pressure? For instance, let’s say you turn on your faucet, only to find that the water just trickles out.  After checking the other faucets in the house, you realize that the issue isn’t just limited to one sink. It’s officially a problem. So what’s the next step?  Do […]

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