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3 Things You Need to Do Before Remodeling Your Bathroom

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When it comes to remodeling your home, the first area most people target is the bathroom.  Which makes sense.  We spend a lot of time in our bathrooms, so we want them to look nice and clean, especially if we frequently have guests over.

Los Angeles in particular is a city where the bar for appearances is set a little higher.  Whether you live in Beverly Hills or Hollywood, people tend to expect your home to look nice.  So if your bathroom is suffering from peeled paint, rusty fixtures, or just old-looking tile, it’s time to remodel.

New projects can be fun, but before you get too carried away envisioning your shiny rain shower showerhead, high-efficient toilet, and extra large vanity, you need to plot a course of action.  Here are a few things to consider as you begin to move forward.

Choose your design

Whether you’re inspired by your own vision, or working with a professional designer, you should decide on a theme.  Our city can actually be a great place to start.  The art deco exteriors of downtown Los Angeles look great, as do kitschy beach themes, and palm tree-lined neighborhoods in the valley.

You can also opt for more traditional but still appealing choices, such as subway tiles and granite countertops.

Contact a professional

In most jobs, you’ll want the help of a professional.  Even if you intend to make this mostly a DIY project, a bathroom remodel is a good time to address any long-standing issues you may have put off because they required the attention of someone who’s more experienced.

If your bathtub drain has always been subject to clogging inexplicably, or your toilet just doesn’t work as it should, fold these problems into the bigger project, and just as importantly – make sure they’re done correctly.

For the best residential plumber Los Angeles has to offer, call Ritz Plumbing.  For years, we’ve helped people restore their fundamental plumbing services, as well as prepare them to take that next step in home improvement.  We know how to execute the perfect remodel, no matter the size and scope of the job.

In addition to assisting with basic bathroom services, we can tackle the larger issues too.  For example, if your new plans require you to move your sink or toilet, you’ll also need to move your water lines.  This is something that should definitely be left to us.

Budget accordingly

The scale of your remodel will determine your budget.  If you want to do a basic face-lift of your bathroom, which would include minimal re-surfacing, as well as replacing the old fixtures with new, store-bought substitutes, plan on spending $3,000 – $12,000.

If you want a more luxurious reinvention, one that’s complete with new floors, better fixtures and countertops, and a new tub, you can expect to spend anywhere between $10,000 and $35,000.  In addition to a more sophisticated design, this kind of project will demand more extensive plumbing and contracting work.  But if you to improve the look and value of your home, it’s worth it.

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