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5 Tips To Make Your Lawn the Envy of Your Street

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As summer gets under way, Los Angeles residents will be spending more time outdoors, soaking up our famous warm weather.  For anyone lucky enough to have a yard, this means lots of grilling and hanging with friends and family – that is, if the yard looks good.

There’s nothing quite as off-putting as the site of brown grass, dead flowers, or plain old rot.  From downtown to Manhattan Beach, homeowners have a responsibility to not just maintain the look of their outdoor space, but its function as well.  If neglected too long, it can seriously de-value their home’s worth.

However, with a little preparation and some TLC, you can keep your yard looking healthy and inviting all summer long.


Perhaps the best way to make sure that your grass stays green and full is through regular sprinkler use.  You can try to achieve this yourself, but it’s difficult to accomplish efficient, even coverage with a hose or hand-can.  However, sprinklers are set to do just that.  They’re highly customizable, so that you can program exactly when, where, and for how long they operate every day.

If you don’t have a system, you might consider it.  For the best sprinkler installation Los Angeles has to offer, call Ritz Plumbing.  We handle a variety of problems from leaky faucets and clogged toilets, but outdoor plumbing is where we truly excel.  We’ll make sure your sprinklers are set up properly and to your specifications.  Your lawn will look great 365 days a year.

Check your bibs

Even if you don’t use a hose for watering the grass, you’ll need it for a variety of other reasons.  As the summer begins, it’s important to check your hose and faucet bibs for maximum output.  If you turn the power all the way on, but only a small dribble trickles out, you may have a problem.  Specifically, a pipe may have cracked in the off season.  You’ll want to look into that asap.

Septic inspection

Septic tanks are built to last a while, but that doesn’t mean you can blindly neglect them.  Like an oil change for your car, you need to check on it every 3 to 5 years so that it can continue to perform well.  Call a plumber to inspect and pump it.  Otherwise, you may face a costly replacement of the filter field.


A great and relatively easy way to enhance your yard’s “curb appeal” is by planting a garden.  Southern California climate allows us to grow a variety of plants and vegetables year-round.  Take advantage of the weather and create a simple box garden.  The life and colors that result will impress and relax you.  Just make sure you water it early in the morning, in order to get the maximum effect out of minimal water usage.

General Maintenance

For better or worse, maintaining the yard is just part of home ownership.  Simple measures like removing leaves from window wells, cleaning drains and gutters of debris, and checking plumbing vent pipes (like the one connecting the dryer to the outside) are effective, albeit time-consuming ways to maintain your home’s value.

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