The Plumber Anaheim Has Preferred Since 1931

For more than eighty years, Ritz Plumbing has watched Anaheim evolve. We’ve been here long enough to see the Ducks become movie stars, the Angels win their first World Series (not before changing names at least three times), and witness the birth of the happiest place on Earth.

It’s easy to see that life in Anaheim is always exciting, and we’re proud to say we’ve been serving this great city for more than eight decades—and we can’t wait for more!

If they’re not dealt with properly, plumbing problems can bring the bustling life of Anaheim to a screeching halt. That’s why we’ve been in the business of being a plumber Anaheim can count on to keep leaky pipes, broken sewer lines, and faulty water heaters under control. We provide a variety of top-notch services that you need, when you need them. From fixing clogged drains to providing the water heater repair Anaheim needs to keep warm water flowing, we rely on only the most recent methods to fix your plumbing issues. Don’t let bad plumbing slow you down: Ritz is here to help.

Emergency Services

We understand that plumbing problems don’t come at the most opportune time. In Anaheim, significant rains only come during the winter; but plumbing pipes are liable to burst without warning. You need to be ready 24 hours a day. The good news is that we are a 24 hour service, so you can rely on us at any time so trust the emergency plumber Anaheim has been trusting for years and give us a call.

No matter what day, or what time, we are proud to offer Anaheim 24 hour emergency plumber services, so that you can have your plumbing issue fixed when you need it. With an incredibly large fleet serving all over Southern California, a truck will respond within minutes of your call.

Emergency drain repair is seldom pleasant but always absolutely necessary. Anything might have clogged your drain or sewer and caused your backup; we stand ready to remove whatever it is. No one wants water to pool in the basement because it wrecks foundations, damages basement furnishings, and smells horrible—let us help you solve whatever leak has sprung up or keeping you under water.

Our emergency plumbing service is just what you need to dry out any basement leak. Even if we have to use a multi-horsepower emergency rooter to smash a particularly recalcitrant clog, we have the specialized technicians to handle the job easily.

Contact us today, and get dry in a hurry.

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Drain Repair Services

If your pipes, drains or sewer lines leak, break or malfunction, immediate attention is required. And sometimes, you have a small plumbing problem that needs immediate correction, but not a full-fledged visit from a plumbing expert. Most people have the ability to do minor drain cleaning themselves: All you really need is a flexisnake drain cleaning tool, a few household items and a drain-cleaning bladder.

You can put a tablespoon or two of baking soda into your kitchen drain, for example, and then add a cup of vinegar. The resulting chemical reaction will loosen most minor clogs. To cajole the clog, simply apply the flexisnake to it. If it still will not move, use the drain cleaning bladder to cause the pipe to expand gently. This will loosen the clog and allow the other two methods to remove it.

With decades of experience to back us up, and a wealth of knowledge on plumbing matters, we provide drain repair and drain cleaning Anaheim can trust to last a long time. If a drain clogs, most people will leave it be until it’s completely backed up. Don’t wait for the problem to worsen: call Ritz Plumbing today and we’ll take care of the problem before it causes long-term damage.

So while those small problems can sometimes be taken care of without a phone call, you’re going to run into some problems that need a professional. For example, you should never attempt sewer repair by yourself because even small errors will become very costly. The same applies to storm drain cleaning. Storm drains are too large for any but the most expert technicians to handle.

If you have a big problem, contact us anytime. Our top-of-the-line professionals will apply our drain cleaning tools and other equipment to your problem and fulfill your sewer and drain cleaning needs. Our long experience with both drain cleaning machines and major plumbing problems sets us apart from other Anaheim plumbers. You can count on us.

And if the problem has already worsened, and you may think it’s beyond hope, it’s still not too late! We’ll clean up the mess and restore your drain or sewer back to its old, metal glory. Call today!

Trenchless Sewer Repair Services

Even the shadows of the Platinum Triangle, citizens of Anaheim have the same plumbing problems as other people in California. Sewer cleaning is crucial for homeowners even in this semi-arid environment. The winter months in Anaheim have as much rainfall as other average cities nationwide, and you are going to want that sewer line unblocked to accommodate such an influx. Our services are available whether it’s an immediate need or a preventative measure, and you can trust our experience to handle your sewer repair with minimum problems.

We’re experts at pipe repair, even if a leak, break, or clog is located under a cement slab. We’ve taken advantage of a non-invasive methodology that’s an engineering breakthrough called trenchless sewer repair. We’re able to make repairs with minimal disruption to your property. Providing the sewer repair Anaheim trusts to last has been one of our top priorities.

Our machines are powerful, and our service is professional. We are specialists in repairing sewers and all home plumbing systems. When a clog is particularly troublesome, we will remove the clean out cap and begin attacking it with a snake. If necessary, we can use a progressive series of snakes that culminates with a powered, electric snake. For more difficult clogs, we blast through with specially-designed nozzles that shoot high-pressure water down the pipes. That is sure to clean out even the most stubborn clog.

And if you need a rooter Anaheim can count on to clean out the big stuff, we can handle that too. Whether it’s a nasty tree root, or other unexpected blockages, we’ll be sure to take care of the problem without causing a backup like a Friday night on Ball Road.

Elliott Ness sent Al Capone up the river the same year we opened our doors, so you can count on our established track record to send your clog up the very same way! Give us a call, and take advantage of our experienced, highly-trained technicians today.

Leak Detection

Minor leaks in plumbing pipes or under slab foundations can lead to major property damage for Anaheim homeowners. To keep water out of your home, you need help from a qualified plumbing company that can help you find and repair leaks as quickly as possible.

At Ritz Plumbing, our leak detection services are raising the bar: it’s quick, quality, affordable leak detection that stays within your budget and cares about your schedule. We use state-of-the-art leak detection equipment to deliver the best possible results for our clients. Our detection systems use helium mass spectrometers and other advanced tools to pinpoint the exact location of every water problem on your property.

When you call Ritz, we’ll be more than happy to set up an appointment to visit your plumbing system and diagnose its needs. We proudly offer free, reliable estimates, because we charge by the job—not the hour.

We have a reputation as one of Orange County’s fastest and most reliable plumbing companies, and our technicians use a specialized system to make sure that all parts of your home stay leak free.

Because we also specialize in slab leak repair, we can efficiently treat virtually any detected leak in a matter of days. Our specialists have years of combined experience, and we offer affordable financing options to help you handle slab issues, pool repairs and other major projects while staying within your budget. The leak detection Anaheim trusts is only a phone call away with Ritz Plumbing.

With excellent detection equipment, speedy repairs and a competent staff, Ritz Plumbing has the leak detection Anaheim needs to stay safe and dry. Whether you need to repair major foundation issues or a single crack in an out-of-the-way pipe, Ritz Plumbing’s specialists are ready to help. Call us today to set up an appointment or for more information about our services.

Quality Services

Ritz Plumbing not only provides the residential and commercial plumbing services Anaheim has been using for more than 80 years, but other quality services like gas line installation and gas line repair, too.

We’re also your source for installations and repairs for sprinkler systems Anaheim uses to stay beautiful—ensuring that lawns and pepper gardens in your home or business stay lush and thriving. Ritz Plumbing even provides services for special fixtures like earthquake valves. We strive to provide quality services Anaheim can use to stay safe, and provide lasting protection to your home and office.

Whether you need a 24-hour emergency plumber, a commercial plumber or a plumber Anaheim can use for routine repairs and installations, Ritz Plumbing is the ideal choice. Our licensed, insured professionals are as skilled in appliance-related services like dishwasher repair as they are in whole-home solutions like hot water heater repair, hot water heater installation and tankless water heater installation Anaheim trusts every day.

From a simple faucet repair that puts an end to a nagging leak, to a water pressure regulator installation that gives you that full-pressure shower experience—without wasting water—Ritz Plumbing is the company to call for the plumber Anaheim needs to enhance and protect your home or business.

Whatever the services you need, Call Ritz today for a free estimate and see why we make the difference.

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