Minor Plumbing Repairs — You Can Do Them, Too

Sometimes, you have a small plumbing problem that needs immediate correction, but not a full-fledged visit from a plumbing expert. Most people have the ability to do minor drain cleaning themselves. All you really need is a flexisnake drain cleaning tool, a few household items and a drain cleaning bladder. You can put a tablespoon or two of baking soda into your kitchen drain, for example, and then add a cup of vinegar. The resulting chemical reaction will loosen most minor clogs. To cajole the clog, simply apply the flexisnake to it. If it still will not move, use the drain cleaning bladder to cause the pipe to expand gently. This will loosen the clog and allow the other two methods to remove it.

In other cases, however, you will need a professional. You should never attempt sewer repair by yourself because even small errors will become very costly. The same applies to storm drain cleaning. Storm drains are too large for any but the most expert technicians to handle. If you have a big problem, contact us anytime. Our top-of-the-line professionals will apply our drain cleaning tools and other equipment to your problem and fulfill your sewer and drain cleaning needs. Our long experience with both drain cleaning machines and major plumbing problems sets us apart from other Anaheim plumbers. You can count on us.

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