Gas Line Repair Anaheim

Dealing with broken or poorly installed gas line systems in your home can be a very dangerous thing. Whether it causes a small gas leak that goes undetected, or whether you immediately notice that there is an unusual smell coming from one of your home’s many gas lines, a gas leak can cause serious harm to a home, office and its occupants, so it’s important that you have a team that you trust that you can call. For more than 85 years, we’ve been the team for gas line repair Anaheim trusts to get the job done quickly, and protect its families from harm.

Whatever your need is, from gas line repair to gas line installation Anaheim residents have been trusting Ritz plumbing for top-quality services at a price you can truly be excited about. Rather than charging you for seemingly endless hours, we come and assess your situation, give you a free estimate, and then charge by the job. That way, we’re motivated to get out even quicker—and on top of that, we’re proud to leave our job sites even cleaner than the rooms at the Grand Californian Hotel.

Whether it’s a venue like the House of Blues in Downtown Disney, or you’re a resident living off of Harbor Boulevard, we’re proud to provide gas line repair services Anaheim customers from Anaheim Hills out to the Canyon. Trust us to get to you within an hour of your call, and provide you a reliable free estimate so that you can get back to living in a safe, clean environment.

Gas Line Installation & Repair Services

For residents of Anaheim gas line installation can be a smart, inventive way to improve your backyard, restaurant or office space. Whether you want to install a new outdoor kitchen unit, external heaters, or even a new fire pit, we can quickly come in and implement the proper domestic or commercial gas lines, replete with the correct fixtures, and sealant that wont leak once we leave.

Since 1931, we’ve been in the business of creating plumbing system and gas line expansions for our customers that effectively help them heat their homes and outdoor units. From dryers to stoves, to water heaters and more, we know the value of a properly installed gas line Anaheim residents can use for a myriad of situations.

One of the things we always remind our customers of when it comes to considering a gas line installation is that if the electricity goes out, having a gas stove means that you can still operate your stove, even without the lights. It’s a safe, positive back up so that you’re not completely out of luck in the event of a major outage.

So whether you’re looking to update your home with a line extension, implement an entire new gas line, or repair a hair line crack or leak in one of your gas lines, Anaheim residents can trust Ritz to get the job done right. Call us today!