If you’ve got a problem that goes a little beyond just the conventional toilet clog, you may need the rooter Anaheim has trusted for more than 85 years. Whether it’s because of tree root intrusion, or something has gotten stuck in your external plumbing systems, there’s only so much that you can do yourself to stop main lines from cracking, or sewage from escaping into your yard or storefront. Instead, trust a team of professionals who’s been providing Anaheim rooter service from Ball Road to the Platinum Triangle since 1931: that’s right, call Ritz Plumbing.

A rooter isn’t just a name brand, it’s a way of clearing obstructions from sewer lines, using an intricate, snake-like machine that can access heavy-duty, hard to reach places, without completely destroying the aesthetics of your yard.

With our rooter services Anaheim customers can rest easy knowing that our teams are backed by more than 85 years of industry experiences, and that means there’s really nothing we haven’t seen. Whether it’s a child’s toy that’s made it’s main into one of your sewer mains, or you’re simply afraid that an errant tree root is affecting your potable water supply, you can trust that we’ll take care of the job quickly and effectively.

Rooter Plumbing Services

For as long as we’ve been around, we’ve been providing rooter plumbing services Anaheim customers have to come to know and trust as the best in the industry. We pride ourselves in being both fast and affordable, while still leaving any jobsite cleaner than we originally found it. We accomplish this by holding to a number of principals. The first is simply that we don’t charge hourly rates. Instead, when you call us you’ll get a free estimate that’s backed by honest, knowledgeable staff, who are then ready to get your root issue fixed as quickly as possible.

Whether there’s a tree in Downtown Disney that’s starting to cause trouble for storefronts, or whether some of the beautiful parts of Edison Park are starting to take their toll on citywide plumbing systems, or even one of the Western Redbuds in your backyard has begun to break the clay on one of your lateral sewer lines, we have the tools and the knowhow to take care of the problem without causing further damage to your external plumbing systems or cosmetic damage to your lawn.

From Ball Road to Anaheim Hills, we’ve got rooter teams who are ready to be to you within an hour of your call, so that whether roots have just begun to affect your plumbing, or you feel that your potable water supply is at serious risk, we can take care of the problem so that it’s merely an afterthought. Whether you live in the Canyon or the Platinum Triangle, whether you play for the LA Angeles of Anaheim or you just root for them, we’re excited to provide you the same rooter services Anaheim residents have been trusting for years. Don’t wait: call Ritz Plumbing today!