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Beverage Plumbing Services From Ritz

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We’re excited to be bringing to you a special new service, exclusively from your friends here at Ritz Plumbing:

Beverage Plumbing.

drinking hawaiian punch from a drinking fountain.

That’s Hawaiian Punch*…

We’ve taken the far-out idea that’s been the subject of movies and imaginations for years, and decided that there’s no good reason to not offer these types of services to any customer who so desires them.

In fact, in 2014—when we’ve got touch-screen handheld computers that can connect us to the other side of the world instantly—we’re honestly kind of surprised no one has offered it sooner.

We’re teaming up with the Coca-Cola Company and their amazing variety of beverages, from classic Coke to healthier options like Odwalla, we believe that there’s no reason households and businesses cannot update archaic beverage delivery systems to meet the changing times.

How It Works

Much like the touchscreen panels that currently exist on many refrigerators, we’ll install a touchscreen that has an alternating list of beverages for you to choose from, that are stored apart from your kitchen sink, connected by it’s own separate pipe and tubing system—the same way soda fountains are hooked up at restaurants. From there, the beverages will be able to seamlessly integrate into your sink, and you can dispense your favorite drinks accordingly.

No more wasting the cold air on opening and closing the fridge door, unscrewing caps, spilling messes, and wasted storage space. You can choose to subscribe to weekly or monthly delivery of your favorite beverages as well.

Why We’re Doing It

The benefits, as we see them, are twofold: primarily, we believe that the long-term efficiency of this delivery system will help families to waste less—as juices will be more adequately stored, and you won’t feel like you have to necessarily pour a whole glass every time—and ultimately streamline much of their household practices.

Second, we see a myriad of potential health benefits, which brings us to the second part of this announcement:

Recent studies have shown that some older traditions may have been more than just a cool ancient fact: the ancient Greeks may have actually been on to something healthy.

Eastern spas have reported the use of milks when bathing that actually promote long term skin health, reduced stress, and increases in energy. We want to be able to bring this life-giving treatment to even those who cannot afford a day at the spa—or simply don’t have the time. Our beverage plumbing systems can utilize their revolutionary technology to also deliver milk baths and showers.

Simply follow it up with a quick rinse, and you’ll find that you’re spending less time showering, you’ll have an increase in energy, and your skin will feel softer and healthier.

For a free consultation, and further estimates that are catered to your home and families—or even office’s—specific needs, don’t hesitate to call your friends here at Ritz Plumbing today!


*photo credit: photobucket – “biakabutukafan”

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