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10 Ways COVID-19 Is Impacting the Plumbing Industry

The domino effect of COVID-19 is starting to impact virtually every aspect of the economy, including the plumbing industry. Like many service providers, plumbers in Los Angeles deal with customers in a face-to-face manner. We’re out there entering

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How water filters can make you healthier

In our experience, Beverly Hills residents (like many people in Los Angeles) are slightly suspicious about their tap water. On paper, the regulations ensuring safe drinking are strong and enforced, but our city doesn’t exactly have a reputation

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Will a water main break cancel The Oscars?

As the world gears up for this year’s Oscar ceremony, producers are frantically addressing last-minute concerns: rehearsals, security, and of course, the possibility of a water main break. That’s right, while Los Angeles is home to Hollywood’s most

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Is renters’ insurance worth it?

Hermosa Beach is without question one of the most fun places to live in all of Los Angeles. While the area is an attractive destination for homeowners, the number of bars, fun restaurants, and laidback attitude make it

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5 common plumbing mistakes all residents make

We love Beverly Hills. In many ways it symbolizes the best aspects of our city: the generous people, the beautiful homes, the fine dining – it’s all present within a relatively small chunk of real estate within Los

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Is your house ready to hit the market?

Culver City is LA’s number-one real estate destination. Despite the seemingly constant boom of areas like Venice and Silverlake, this pocket of West Los Angeles has seen a spike in new home development, and overall sales over the

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