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Simple plumbing repairs all renters can do

Despite the current housing boom in Los Angeles, renters make up a significant portion of the residential population – and for good reason. Renting is a desirable option for all kinds of people. Whether you’re on a budget,

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Prepare for an earthquake with these simple tips

Last week, 2 earthquakes rattled Los Angeles county. Although they were centered north of the city, people reported shaking all the way down here in Hermosa Beach. While no significant damage was reported, the shakers reminded us all

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What NOT to do during a gas leak

Every Los Angeles homeowner is at risk, whether he knows it or not. We don’t often think of them in this way, but our homes are actually potential disasters. We’re talking of course about gas lines. While they’re

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The sure-fire way to kill all of your plumbing

Let’s face it. The stereotype about Hermosa Beach residents is that we’re all laid-back beach bums. Of course, those of us who live and work here know that that’s not true… or at least, it’s only partially true.

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