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Is your sewer line a disaster waiting to happen?

For some homes in Los Angeles, sewer lines pose a major threat. They provide a necessary service to residential and commercial properties, but after a certain point, they become vulnerable. Age leaves them exposed. Whether it’s encroaching tree

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Can your lawn survive the drought?

If you live in Los Angeles, then you know this hard fact: drought conditions are worsening. A recent study concluded that water consumption in Southern California actually went up over the past several months, despite our record dry

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Are these hot trends right for your remodel?

Unless you’re constantly updating your home, trends in interior design are impossible to follow. One year industrial-grade plumbing fixtures are in; the next year it’s all about a classic look. Los Angeles residents in particular feel pressure to

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Is one of these things clogging your toilet?

Having a clogged toilet is never an easy thing to admit. Whether or not you’re responsible, and no matter what the source of the problem is, people immediately start forming opinions about you and your home.  In a

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