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For 5 Great Walks in Los Angeles

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Many Los Angelenos never get out of the car to see their city, but we know just how much beauty there is in our backyard. Visitors to Los Angeles may feel overwhelmed with the sights and attractions. There is always a new beach to explore, a museum to visit or show to see; however, most of Los Angeles’ beauty and history can be appreciated with a simple walk. Many families who are traveling on a budget often look for coupons or inexpensive attractions that will still allow them to see the city, but not have to worry about breaking the bank while doing so. Here are five great walks in Los Angeles that visitors can enjoy while still remaining within budget:

State Park Walking Trails

Topanga State Park, located in the canyons and cliffs of the Santa Monica Mountains, is completely within Los Angeles city limits and features over 36 miles of trails. You can wander through oak forests and grasslands with ocean views.

You may opt to travel to Will Rogers State Historical Park, a loop trail that leads to Inspiration Point. Here, you can view Los Angeles, the San Gabriel Mountains and Santa Monica Bay.

Walks Tied to Hollywood

You can start a walking trail at the north end of Fuller Avenue from Hollywood Boulevard; make sure you bring a camera to capture the Hollywood sign and watch out for celebrities you may encounter along the way.

If you wish to view a piece of history, Vasquez Rocks was a setting for older television sitcoms such as MacGyver and Star Trek. The two-mile walking trail doesn’t provide much shade, but many people complete the trail in under an hour.

Neighborhoods and Residences

If you wish to escape the bustle of the city, consider walking through residences and neighborhoods to get a better sense of the communities. From smaller homes to full-sized mansions, you may find yourself in a different world when faced with the Los Angeles lifestyle. However, make sure you watch out for sprinkler systems Los Angeles home owners use to keep their yards looking so green.

Griffith Park Trails

Griffith Park, although it is completely surrounded by Los Angeles, provides an abundance of wildlife. The park features over 53 miles of trails, some of which lead into hills and sparsely developed areas. Depending which route you take, you may also see the Griffith Observatory and scenic views of the famous Hollywood sign.

Walking Downtown

If you time your trip right, you can participate in the Downtown LA Art work, a monthly event that showcases 43 local photographers, art galleries, restaurants, bars and artists. Other downtown walks promote self-guided tours that explore the culture and history of Los Angeles.

If you want a way to appreciate Los Angeles, leave the car behind and start to explore on foot. You can expect to share many of these trails with horses, roller skaters and bicyclists. When urban areas get too crowded, walking is a great way to combine sightseeing with exercise, particularly if you are dodging some of those massive sprinkler systems Los Angeles residents have installed!

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