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5 Grossest Clogs

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A plumber’s job is not always easy. While many think it is simply going from house to house with a plunger, it takes an extraordinarily strong stomach just to make it through the day without losing lunch. While sometimes the cause of the clog is a typical item such as a wad of toilet paper or a baby wipe, other issues are caused by things people would not expect to find in a plumbing system. While some are silly such as miniature toys or pieces of fruit, others are downright gross. Here are 10 of the most disturbing clogs that plumbers have come across:


One of the biggest and most common causes of shower and bathtub drain clogs are hairballs. Regardless of whether they are from an animal, a male, female or from various parts of the body, hairballs tend to gross plumbers out no matter how many times they see them each day.


While women may appear to be the cleaner of the sexes at times, there is no doubt that plumbers have the right to differ. Almost every plumber, at some point in his career, has come across a drain due to used tampons or feminine sanitary napkins. The baskets in the restroom are there for a reason, ladies.

Prosthetic Eyeball

Yes. A plumber found a prosthetic eyeball clogging a drain. Can you imagine pulling an eyeball from the drain and not immediately knowing if it was real or not? Even if it is fake, that device has been sitting inside somebody’s face next to his or her brain.


Perhaps they fell out of Grandpa’s mouth as he leaned to flush the toilet or Edna simply brushed them too hard and they landed in the sink drain. Regardless, dentures spend almost all of their time in a person’s mouth and are probably not what plumbers want to touch with their bare hands.


In between the time you purchase a pair of underwear and the time you wear it, there is a brief moment when it is not gross. After you use that pair for the first time, it becomes tainted, regardless of how many times you wash it. Not only does the plumber need to pull out your hopefully clean skivvies from the drain, but they have also been soaking in dirty toilet water the whole time. Plus, one has to wonder why the underwear was even flushed in the first place.

Plumbers may feel that their jobs are gross and unmanageable at times, but come on – how else are you going to be able to tell such great stories to your friends and family and have them actually believe you? A plumber must always be willing to go with the flow and stomach even the most disturbing of situations.

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