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You Won’t Believe These 5 Incredible Toilets That Look Like Celebrities!

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Actors, musicians, bon vivants: the world is full of pretty, talented, charismatic famous people. The world is also full of toilets. While on the inside, these porcelain pals contain filler valves, overflow tubes, levers, and gaskets, the outside is a more handsome affair. So good looking in fact, you won’t be able to deny how much these toilets look just like your favorite celebrities.


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No, you’re not looking at identical twins. It doesn’t take a plumber to know that the one on the right ISN’T Grammy award-winning pop star Katy Perry. Rather it’s a standard toilet complete with bowl, trap, stop valve, refill tube, and closet bend. Okay quit droolin’!


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White, slender – created in the 1800s. Of course we mean the outhouse, but you’d be forgiven for mistaking this handsome plumbing device for none other than Hollywood royalty, Clint Eastwood. No complicated waste pipes or need for an auger here, just two striking figures with an ancient smell and a heck of a lot of stories to tell.


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No one can pull off rugged good looks quite like this wooden toilet…except celebrity Ben Affleck of course! In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if this wooden toilet gets cast as Affleck’s stunt double in the upcoming Batman vs. Superman film. Then there’d be no more closet flanges or dam barriers for old Ben – er, this wooden toilet. Just mopping up the scum of Gotham city!


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This pretty lady in pink knows a thing or two about comfort, style, and the industry standard rate of Gallons Per Flush. Julia Roberts is no soil pipe either! Just don’t try sealing her trap: she has one of the best smiles in the business. We’ll leave the prevention of escaped sewer gases to the gal on the right, thank you very much.


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Justin Bieber may be king of the charts, but this nifty hole in the ground is king of the low consumption toilets. No leach lines here, just a target and some strategically placed foot guides. Word to the wise Hole-Toilet, see if you two are related: we hear Bieber gives great birthday gifts!


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