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5 Worst Places for a Plumbing Mishap

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Many homes in Los Angeles only have one bathroom; can you imagine being stuck without a running toilet or shower for any extended period of time? Calling a rooter Los Angeles residents can count on in emergencies is imperative. Here are five places you don’t want to be stuck without the best rooter Los Angeles has on speed dial:

    1. A Newly Remodeled Basement

If you just spent thousands of dollars to refinish and remodel your basement and you find that a pipe has broken, nightmares ensue. To save your investment, turn off the water to your house and call on an emergency plumber. Homeowners who just put money into their homes will not enjoy paying to fix the water damage to their new game room or home theater following a pipe break or leak.

    2. A Kitchen With a New Floor

Numerous factors can cause backups in sink drains: A malfunctioning garbage disposer, a clogged P-trap or a blocked drain pipe. Homeowners who have recently had work done in their kitchens may shudder at the image of hard water pooling on their new tile floors, causing lime and calcium to settle into the tiles or grains of the wood. If you happen to sneak down to the refrigerator in the middle of the night and find yourself slopping through water, call on a plumber who will be able to assess the situation and repair your clogged sink before the damage sets in.

    3. A One-Bathroom House

As you sit on the only toilet in your house and you do a “courtesy” flush, you gradually feel something wet on your bum. Frantically, you look down into the toilet and notice that the “polluted” water has risen and is overflowing. You now have a bigger problem on your hands: You need an emergency plumber to come to the rescue. You may want to beg him to bring toilet paper, as well.

    4. A Business that Relies on Water

Whether you own a spa or a restaurant, almost everyone at your business relies on running water. However, what do you do if you no longer have water pressure? Can your restaurant function without it? Will your employees or customers be able to wash their hands or flush the toilets? Chances are unlikely: A plumber will need to come to your location to determine the cause of the problem and figure out the best way to fix it. We can get you back up and running your daily functions without disrupting your company’s productivity.

    5. An Outdoor Party

Many homeowners in Los Angeles take advantage of the beautiful weather to host outdoor backyard picnics or barbeques for their friends and family. However, nothing makes these events more miserable than smelling foul sewer gases while guests are eating or trampling through wastes and water that have leaked through the homeowner’s outdoor sewer pipes. Rather than cause your guests discomfort and risk being banned from hosting future events, contact plumbers who can determine the location and cause of the sewer clog and ensure that your backyard is ready to go for entertaining.

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