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9 facts about plumbing that make you go, “Hmmm”

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Even the most ordinary industries can be fascinating. And yes, plumbing is no exception. While the job of a Torrance plumber may not be glamorous per se, our line of work affects every single resident in one important way or another. Here then are 9 interesting and strange facts about plumbing and home improvement that you probably didn’t – but should – know.

Green plumbing fixtures work

For years, green plumbing was deemed by some as just a fad, but in 2015 the fad has finally become status quo. In addition to customer demand, green plumbing fixtures such as low-flush toilets and efficient showerheads not only deliver performance, but are proven to reduce your water usage as well, saving dozens of gallons per day for the average family of 4.

…But some traditional appliances still get the job done

While tankless water heaters are speculated to reduce water usage and save consumers money over time, they’re exact quantity of savings has yet to be determined. Meanwhile, traditional water heaters have slightly improved energy efficiency and continue to deliver hot water when your family needs it.

Torrance homes have an unusually high demand for repiping

We’re not really sure why, but it seems that homes in our neighborhood require copper repiping more than other areas of the city. As a plumber that Torrance residents can trust, Ritz Plumbing is always happy to do the job. We just find it slightly odd that, out of all the neighborhoods in the The South Bay, our little enclave requires copper replacement or PEX pipes with some regularity.

Realtors recommend pricing your home for less than it’s worth

A little known secret among realtors in West Los Angeles has to do with home prices. It may sound counter intuitive, but experts say that sometimes pricing your home for a little lower than it’s worth is actually good for sales. Potential buyers assume they’re getting a deal, and a bidding war ensues.

Los Angeles can fine you for watering your grass

Recent rains have helped improve California’s dire drought – but only slightly. The unfortunate fact is that we still have a long way to go before we’re back to normal levels of precipitation. To combat the record dry conditions, Los Angeles County has instituted drought fines issued to any resident who waters his yard on an un-designated day. Consult the city’s watering schedule to avoid a fine.

The most successful plumbers in the world are animated

During the 2008 election, Joe The Plumber threatened to steal the crown of Most Famous Plumber Ever. But to this day the title is held by none other than Mario and Luigi, aka the Super Mario Brothers. In addition to being immensely popular, they’re credited with making plumbing fun and heroic.

Toys are the leading cause of toilet clogs, after paper

Too much toilet paper will almost always clog your toilet, but toys will never cease to cause a back up. That’s right, we often find kids’ toys when we’re called to investigate crazy clogs across Torrance.

….But a boa constrictor is the strangest thing to ever clog a toilet

Truth is often stranger than fiction, and this scenario was certainly no exception. Last month a San Diego woman discovered none other than a boa constrictor emerging from her toilet bowl. It had slithered into the pipes in another area of the building, and made its way to her bathroom.

Top plumbers make six-figure salaries

Plumbing is often to referred to as “blue collar work”. Whether or not this is true, most people don’t realize is that top plumbers in the industry can make big bucks. Of course, you have to be experienced and exceptional at your job, but with enough determination and skill, plumbing can be very lucrative.

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