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Why Beverly Hills Hotels Need a Reliable Commercial Plumber

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There’s no question Beverly Hills is known for its hotels. With consumer palaces like Four Seasons Los Angeles, Avalan Hotel, L’Ermitage, and the well-known Peninsula Hotel, it’s tough to be disappointed – even if you’re tough to please. Add in the beaches, sunshine, and Third Street Promenade, and residents will have to make a bucket list out of everything to do in this one city alone. Still, poor plumbing can plummet anyone’s night wherever they stay, and hotels are the exceptions that define the rule. Nobody wants their money going down the drain with the reputation of a five-star hotel that doesn’t have a reliable commercial plumber within reach.

It’s acceptable to experience run-ins with clogged toilets and a faucet leak in your own home, but hotel rooms are moderated hand-and-foot by paid staff every day. It doesn’t take a category 3 backup for a client to back out of a 5-star lodging like the Beverly Hilton; it may as well be a toilet that doesn’t flush or a drippy aerator adding tension to what’s supposed to be a halcyon, high-class experience. If you’re staying for only a night or two, the odds of a plumbing malfunction occurring in that span of time should be just about nil. And, well, it ruins the atmosphere.

If you peruse the reviews of many such hotels, you’re bound to encounter a few ratings that drop a star or two over a less-than-desirable experience with toilets, showers, tubs and sinks. Plumbing complications affect personal hygiene and can result in a level of discomfort nobody expects to find at suites charging half a grand for a night’s entertainment and boarding. So while a commercial plumber may be important for one’s own home, it’s quintessential that any hotel – let alone Beverly Hills’ – has an emergency technician within reach, or better yet, incorporated into the staff itself.

Let’s picture this: You take an outing with friends or your significant other to Robertson Boulevard for a little early-afternoon spending at Ralph Lauren or Lisa Kline (maybe even a celebrity encounter) before taking Rodeo Drive by storm, exploring Burberry for cologne and prospecting Chanel’s haute couture. You finish the evening off with some Third Street Promenade dining and tip some talented performers on the side, then head off to your one-night flat at the Avalon with new clothes, a full stomach, and a billfold well spent. The day’s panned out, and you need a shower – but the showerhead won’t dispense water, and the inn staff can only offer to move you to a smaller room. This is a bad way to end the night.

Of all the things in a day to go awry, this sort of complication isn’t what anyone expects. While it would ordinarily amount to a small problem, this particular situation sees it inflated to the proportions of a plumbing emergency. That means the hotel loses a repeat client. In the end, both parties lose – a bitter aftertaste of vinegar that no upscale luxury suite can afford its clients souveniring. This ultimately could’ve been avoided with an on-site commercial plumber to take control of the problem. It also looks better in the clients’ eyes; having specialized staff available forges a home-like feel that departing clients will remember next time they’re prospecting places to stay.

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