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Culver City has experienced quite the boom in recent years. The Downtown area along Washington Boulevard in particular is now teeming with hip restaurants and chic bars, ideal for singles looking to have some fun, or younger parents who want to blow off steam. However, what many people don’t realize is that the success of these establishments depends largely on what happens behind the scenes. If you’re a business owner, then you know we’re talking in part about plumbing. For a company to run smoothly, its plumbing has to be reliable and consistent at all times.

Otherwise, if a pipe bursts or, say, a toilet backs up, you run the risk of disrupting service to customers, or creating a mess for your employees. It’s important then to have a reliable commercial plumber that you can count on. But not every plumber is right for every business.

To avoid picking the wrong company, check out these handy tips:

Not available 24/7

Your plumbing doesn’t call it a day at 5pm, or take a break with you during off hours. Sure, it’s not being used as much, but long-festering issues can suddenly reach their tipping point at any time, and with a touch of bad luck, they’ll likely explode in the middle of the night. For example, an old pipe in your restaurant may fail unexpectedly, or an internal sewer line within the business park could clog up, causing unfortunate backflow. But if your plumber isn’t reachable in the middle of the night, or charges exorbitant prices for the last-minute service, then you should find someone else.


Every new plumber needs a chance to prove himself. Otherwise he’ll never gain essential experience. However, you probably don’t want to hire someone who can’t provide references. It can be tempting to choose the cheapest, least experienced option, but the old saying is often true: you get what you pay for. Find a commercial plumber who can back up his work. In addition to providing photos or at least descriptions of past jobs, he should be able to give you the names and contact info for prior clients. Also be wary of any so-called professional who promises to provide reference info, but keeps putting it off. Get the details before you hire him.

Never worked with your type of business

While Culver City has seen an explosion of dining and retail establishments, our neighborhood also contains other types of businesses as well. Whether it’s Sony studios, any of our city’s schools or start-up tech companies, there exist a variety of companies, each with different plumbing needs. Some plumbers provide excellent all-purpose services, while others specialize in one area or another. For the most experienced, versatile commercial plumber in Culver City, contact Ritz. Our team of trained professionals has worked in all kinds of businesses, and can meet your specific needs. Along with references, make sure you find out from your plumber exactly what type of experience he has with your specific industry.

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