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Conserving Water to Deal with California Drought in Glendale

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The past year has seen a lack of rainfall that is ready for the record book. Even with recent rainfall, we’re still at startlingly low numbers. And while the county of Los Angeles obtains water from far-flung sources, the drought has only caused the price of water to accelerate in most California cities, including Glendale. Saving water is apart of municipal law, but there are plenty of ways to practice water conservation and be good to the wallet.

The obvious solution is just to avoid unnecessary use. Some people turn of their sprinkler system altogether, because watering the lawn is not worth the cost. Other issues include taking shorter showers and eliminating baths and whirlpools that mostly serve as luxuries. the problem is that while turning the faucet off is easy, it is not possible to turn leaks off, and leaks account for significant losses in older homes.

Keeping the lawn alive is not such a challenge with smart sprinkler repair. While it might seem like a minor tinker, anyone who waters their lawn will loose gallons to inefficient distribution. The connection will leak and the ground will become flooded underneath the sprinkler.

Aside from sprinkler repair, other strategies include moving the sprinklers position regularly and only watering at night. Water evaporates quickly in strong sunshine, and this is especially true during hot weather. Watering in the early morning allows water to sink into the soil where it will do its job longer. Some people are lucky to live near the Verdugo Mountains, where runoff helps feed the water table. Otherwise, keeping trees alive will be a challenge this year.

Downtown Glendale could save thousands this year by using a thousands of gallons less of water. The secret is not some complex environmental machine but just a friendly plumber. Leaks cost more than bathing habits, because they never stop. Leaks can also undermine the foundation of a house by causing subsoil erosion. Brand Boulevard is known for luxury houses, but even that residential area would love the utility savings possible.

A person should not have to move out of Glendale just because of the living expenses. Plumbers and smarter usage habits could cut the bill down by a third. There are plenty of reason to want to live in this historic and attractive town, including classic attractions such as Alex Theatre. The whole city is apart of the Los Angeles Metropolitan area, and it is neatly tucked away from excessive noise and bustle.

There are excellent educational opportunities such as Glendale Community College. It is cheaper than a university, but the credits are recognized in all parts of the state. The only reason why students would not want to live in the area is the cost of living, but good plumbing could help solve the problem.

The governor of California recently approved a relief package worth $687 million. This money should help control utility prices for the short term, but the long term will depend on intelligent investments that curb water usage. Gas is not much more expensive in Cali than elsewhere, but water prices can rise and fall like a dam level. Do your part and save big bucks today by calling a plumber.

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