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DIY Plumbing Disasters and How To Avoid Them

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When a call is made to an emergency plumber los angeles residents in the most need are likely to be DIYers. There are, of course, the more handy kind of craftsmen and craftswomen who do their homework. This is not the kind of people I’m speaking of. The ones who grab the closest item to the problem, do repairs without knowing how, or find ways to cut costs with substandard materials are the ones who inspire the most emergency calls. Not sure how to avoid being a casualty? Here are some tips.

To avoid an emergency sewer repair los angeles homeowners should be careful what they do in their yard. Flowerbeds are fine, but renting heavy equipment to dig a swimming pool yourself without checking first for hidden pipes and cables is a sure way to be without water or power for some time. Municipalities all have numbers you can call to bring people out and mark the cables for you. It’s not only the law, it’s worth taking the time.

Small leaks may be easy to repair when done correctly. However, choosing the wrong patching material is an easy way to make the problem worse. Not sure what the right materials are? It depends on the material and location of the leak. However, you can be certain that duct tape and bubble gum are not on the list. Overcleaning can also be a big problem, and can actually cause problems that you didn’t have before. Toilets with bleach tablets in their tanks commonly have worn rubber gaskets that need replacing or they will run. Too much drain cleaner can corrode both metal and PVC piping, significantly reducing their lifespan. If your drain regularly clogs, buy a tool to fish out some of the clogs instead of constantly dissolving them.

Combining mismatched pipe sizes is another mistake that DIYers often make, and this can lead to leaks. It’s important to know the size of your piping and not to just guess. Again, if you’re not sure how to do this, it’s a sign you probably should be using a plumber, and not attempting the repair yourself. And finally, when attempting repairs on plumbing, after making sure your research is done, your materials are correct, your sizes are right, and your technique is approved, don’t make the most common mistake of all. Remember to turn the water off before you begin.

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