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Why your home may not pass inspection

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Los Angeles homeowners know that selling their house can be an emotional experience. Not only do you need to make money on it, you’re letting go of your past, which is hard. While you ultimately can’t control the market, you can help ensure that the house goes to the right buyer.

Some homeowners leave the inspection up to the potential buyer, but this can limit your appeal. By getting an official inspector to sign off on your house, you send a message that you have nothing to hide – as long as that’s the case. A lot of homeowners overlook some basic facets and fail the inspection. So here are
a few simple guidelines to follow.


In a way, the yard is perhaps the most important area to focus on. It’s the first thing the inspector will notice when he arrives, and first impressions can color the overall assessment. A good place to start your own evaluation is drainage. Does water flow properly away from the house, or are there standing puddles in your yard? If so, you may have a burst pipe underground and should call the best plumber Los Angeles has to offer. From Hollywood to Downtown, property schemas change per neighborhood, but Ritz Plumbing can fix your water issue and ensure that you pass inspection.


Another telltale sign of bigger problems is the condition of your exteriors. Many Southern California homes have external stucco, which is great for moderating the temperature of your house. But it can also crack. Small cracks are pretty normal over time, but large crevices will certainly require repairs. For vinyl or aluminum siding, look for any obvious dents or bowing. Meanwhile, painted exteriors should be free of major fraying, chipping, or flaking. The inspector will definitely ding you for that.

Windows and doors

Window and doorframes are easy to neglect. Unless you actively inspect them on a regular basis, you could easily miss signs of cracking or decay. However, now is the time to take care of these problems. Check on the caulking of the joints as well. It’s necessary for appearance and functionality. As far as windows go, you’ll want to fix any obvious problems like broken glass. While you’re at it, look closely at the window seals. Are they cracked or broken in any way?


If you’ve put off any minor repairs in your bedrooms or bathrooms, procrastinate no more! Old water damage may have caused stains in the floorboards. Or perhaps a bedroom door hasn’t latched right in some time. Fix it. Additionally, it’s a good time to examine the materials of your floors. If the carpet is particularly old or discolored, consider replacing it. Likewise, wood floors can chip or crack over time. Don’t let these imperfections ruin an otherwise good inspection, and hamper the sale of your house.

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