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How to Break Your Dishwasher

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Many homeowners relish in the thought of completing projects by themselves without the assistance of professionals. However, when it comes to installing home appliances, you must follow the directions implicitly to ensure the new addition to your home will work properly. Here is an example of an improper dishwasher installation Los Angeles homeowners are often guilty of in moments of DIY excitement:

Common Mistakes

Having a dishwasher is a convenience; not many enjoy spending hours washing their dishes by hand. Since installing a dishwasher is not an easy task, especially if you have never done it before, you can expect to make a few common errors along the way. Some of these mistakes can lead to serious potential plumbing problems down the road if you are not careful.

Some homeowners fail to carefully measure the area in which the dishwasher will go. When you purchase the wrong-sized dishwasher, not only do you realize it when it’s too late, but you are faced with having to return the unit and replacing it with the proper size. This prolongs your hand-washing activities, causing you greater stress until you finally have the dishwasher installed.

Similarly, you must make sure you measure the drain lines correctly so that the unit will function. Be careful not to make a supply and discharge sizing error; this can lead to dirty dishes and negate what you are trying to accomplish. Some homeowners make errors in running the drain tubing or supply line, so make sure you read the directions carefully and understand where the lines will run before you begin the installation.

If you have ever called a plumber because your sink drain was backed up into your dishwasher, you know gross this is. This results from the drain hose in the dishwasher being improperly connected to an air gap device or, if the unit doesn’t have an air gap device, the hose doesn’t bend high enough to reach above the water level in the sink.

Be careful with the size of the screws you use; the only thing holding your dishwasher in place are two screws that secure the metal tabs to the underside of your counter. Avoid using screws that are too long and use extra caution when driving them to be on the safe side.

An improper dishwasher installation Los Angeles homeowners often make can lead to more trouble should a serious plumbing issue arise. For instance, a leaking dishwasher can lead to flooding, water pooling in your kitchen or even the development of bacteria and mold. It is vital that you read the instructions to avoid any future potential problems. While a dishwasher is relatively simple to install, many people mistakenly believe they can do so with little or no prior experience or knowledge. To reduce your risk of causing serious complications, make sure you understand the entire project before you begin or give Ritz Plumbing a call.

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