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How To Prep Your Home for Earthquakes and Aftermath

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An earthquake can be a catastrophic natural disaster; after an earthquake, your home may be damaged and you might be without power or water. Fortunately, you can prepare for an earthquake before it happens to minimize the damage and the risk for injury both around and inside your home. Before you take the necessary steps to secure your property, consider calling us for an earthquake valve installation that will equip you with a device to shut off your gas in such an event; this is a simple way to protect against explosions or fires.

If you know that an earthquake is coming or you simply want to prepare just in case it happens, make sure all of your shelves and bookcases are fastened securely to the walls with steel brackets or wall studs. Install shatter-safe windows to guard against breaking glass; if this isn’t an option, putting diagonal strips of masking tape across your windows can help stop them from shattering.

Heavy, larger objects should either be stored on the floor so that they cannot fall and potentially pin someone to the ground or be secured to the wall with a thick nylon cord. Conversely, breakable items like china, glass and bottles should be kept in closed, latched cabinets. If you have fish bowls, statues, floral arrangements or vases, place them on top of a non-slip mat to prevent them from sliding. Mirrors, light fixtures and heavy pictures should be hung away from couches, beds, chairs or anywhere that someone may sit; traditional picture hooks will not hold pictures in an earthquake but you can push the hooks closed to keep the frames from slipping.

After an earthquake, first check yourself and other for potential injuries and administer first aid if necessary. Check electric, water and gas lines for damage. If your earthquake valve was triggered, you will need to call a professional to come turn it on. If you notice any lines are damaged or if you smell gas, shut off the valves and leave the property immediately.

Avoid using the phone unless it is an emergency and stay away from buildings that are noticeably damaged. Wear sturdy shoes or boots and be careful when stepping around debris and broken glass. In some areas, it is unsafe to wander near beaches; tsunamis sometimes hit after the ground stops shaking.

Some homeowners also consider calling a professional to evaluate the plumbing in Los Angeles CA homes. By taking steps to prepare yourself and your home and by knowing what to do following an earthquake, you can increase the safety of your family and others around you.

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