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Ignoring these basic plumbing facts could upend your home

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Whether you rent or own, every Los Angeles resident fears that moment when your house just fails. We’re talking about the unexpected electrical short, the suddenly squeaky door, or for our purposes – the plumbing problem that arises out of nowhere. When it happens all you can do is scramble and hope it doesn’t get any worse before you can fix it.

To help prepare you for those unwanted surprise fails, educate yourself with these simple plumbing facts.

Pipes will eventually fail

It may not happen in your time as a resident, but eventually all pipes in a home will give up. It’s not always their fault necessarily. Like most materials, pipes just ware out over time. Increasingly, plumbers are using newer pipes made from more durable and efficient material, but unless your residence is brand new, you can count on needing copper repiping (or replacement) at some point.

Old water heaters are wasteful

Similar to pipes, water heaters eventually become less efficient as they age. Part of this is due to their lifespan (about 10 years), but it’s also related to their general lack of maintenance. Many residents don’t realize that manufacturers recommend a yearly flush for your water heater. Without it, debris can form inside the tank and even corrode the water contained within.

Bathroom remodels can get expensive – fast

Remodeling bathrooms has become a popular way to add value to a home. But make sure you plan your upgrade carefully before you begin. If you want to make changes that go beyond simple fixture replacement, you’ll need to prepare for the required work and money. For example, moving a toilet or sink may sound fairly easy, but it will probably require a re-configuring of the bathroom’s pipes, which become a much bigger project.

Legitimate plumbers always offer an estimate beforehand

Be wary of plumbers who offer an instant quote over the phone before even seeing the problem for themselves. Legit professionals don’t apply a blanket solution to every repair. They inspect and assess before offering a more precise quote on parts, labor, and time. To make it easier on yourself, just call the best plumber in Los Angeles. From The South Bay to Hollywood, Ritz Plumbing’s team of expert technicians will check out your problem first in order to give you a work estimate that you can trust.

Outdoor plumbing matters

It’s easy to neglect your outdoor plumbing (out of site, out of mind, right?), but the reality is that ignoring them could have disastrous results. For example, sewer lines serve a invaluable function to your home; they ensure that waste flows out. But a disruption or clog could not only interrupt service, it can upend your yard as well. If you have old trees with deep, encroaching roots, or suspect that the lines have been compromised, contact a plumber immediately.

You’re not safe from mold

Unfortunately, all homes are susceptible to mold. Typically, it reveals itself in the form of dark spots near areas of excessive moisture. The bad news is that we all have these areas. From showers to moist pipes, it’s nearly impossible the avoid the potential for mold. However, by keeping your home well ventilated, you significantly reduce the possibility of an outbreak.


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