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Inside plumbing tips guaranteed to save time and money

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Have you ever encountered a clogged toilet or busted pipe only to wonder, “if only I was a plumber!”

It goes without saying that having some fundamental handy man skills can be a huge help around the house. However, not every Los Angeles resident is equipped to handle broken sinks and drain clogs. From Santa Monica to Downtown LA, we all have our strengths but for some of us, plumbing just might not be included in that skillset.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t treat common issues. Here are a few insider tips to equip anyone with basic helpful plumbing know-how.

Identify sewer lines

Most people neglect their sewer lines. After all, they transport waste away from our homes – not the most pleasant topic. But the reality is that these lines are critical to our plumbing. They keep our home’s water supply safe, and can create a huge headache if they fail. Which is why you should know where to look in the event of a sewage disaster. Otherwise you could waste precious time trying to identify them while the problem grows worse.

Consider tankless water heaters

Increasingly, Angelenos are installing tankless water heaters. Whether it’s a progressive area of Beverly Hills or just a consumer-savvy neighborhood in Torrance, residents are making their plumbing more efficient every day. By calling the best plumber Los Angeles has to offer, you can soon replace your old, energy-draining model with a new streamlined version. Ritz Plumbing can service any kind of water heater, but we want people to save as much as money as possible, and tankless heaters can accomplish that goal.

Mind your toilet

When a toilet stops working, it affects the whole house. Whether it’s a clog, broken ballcock or worse – a flood, we depend on toilets to operate successfully all day every day. However, you might be surprised to know how easily they clog. The issue has less to do with a faulty model and more with the random items that accidentally fall into them. From kids’ toys to spare change, it’s actually pretty easy to lose items down the drain. The result, as you know, is a pain. Make sure you keep the lid on the bowl and tank securely closed at all times.

Know your water main

For plumbing emergencies, you’ll need to know where your water main is located. Whether it’s a home in Hollywood or The Walt Disney Concert Hall, every property in Los Angeles relies on water mains to preserve their plumbing. In the event of severe problems or maintenance, knowing the location of your main lines can expedite the process of repair.

For small problems, try DIY

We’ve all experienced clogged faucets and drains, and we’ve all probably felt compelled to call for help. While relying on a professional is never a bad idea, you can actually fix many common plumbing problems at home with a simple DIY solution or two. For example, when faced with a stopped up drain, try a mix of hot water and baking soda before moving on to chemicals or professional help.

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