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LA vs. NYC: Drainage

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With drain cleaning Los Angeles calls, we have seen palm branches become wedged in drainage systems and pipes. Across the country, in New York City, we have heard of plumbers pulling out rats and entire roach families trapped in a hairball. How does the amount of rainfall these cities receive affect the frequency of clogs their residents experience?

Differences in Rainfall

On average, Los Angeles receives around 15 inches of rainfall each year while New York City sees nearly 50 inches of rain annually. The rainiest months are typically around the beginning of the year in Los Angeles, accumulating around three inches of rain each month. New York City residents are faced with an average of over four inches of rain every month for the entire year.

More Rainfall, More Clogs

With more rainfall comes an increase in the number of clogs residents experience, although the number of issues is not solely limited to rain. However, heavy rainfall can saturate the soil around your septic tank, preventing water from properly draining out. Soil only has so much space for water in the areas between the dirt so once it is saturated, the water in your tank will stop moving. While this may not be an issue for a day or two, heavy rainfall will cause your tank to build-up with waste. The microbes and bacteria that break down the waste in your system may become overwhelmed. Even after the system absorbs the water and begins to drain properly, your tank may not be able to process the waste at full capacity for some time.

Any amount of rainfall can cause debris in the drain field; here in Los Angeles, we may expect to see loose dirt, palm tree leaves and branches and other plant material washed into the drain field, clogging your septic tank. This can cause insufficient drainage or a backup of waste water into your home. Make sure you are inspecting your septic system for proper drainage following flooding or heavy rain, regardless on which coast you reside. If you notice that the field is clogged, you may need to place a drain cleaning Los Angeles call to our professional septic system maintenance team.

Regardless of where you live, if you experience any period of heavy rainfall, you may be more susceptible to clogged drains and damaged septic systems. While Los Angeles residents typically see most of their rain within a span of a few months, New Yorkers experience these difficulties year-round. Always check to make sure your system is running properly; if you find evidence of a clog or backup, give Ritz Plumbing a call to pump and clean the system before it begins to back up into your home.

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