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Why We Love Santa Monica

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From surfing and swimming to sand volleyball and beachside gymnastics or even outdoor chess, Santa Monica is a haven for those seeking an active, outdoor vacation. Santa Monica provides a balance of beach town atmosphere, urban energy, a magnificent Pacific Ocean setting with world-class oceanfront hotels. Even an emergency plumber Santa Monica expert wouldn’t complain about a day on the job in Santa Monica. Here are five other reasons why we love this city:

Santa Monica Pier

Located at the bottom of Colorado Avenue, the enormous double-jointed pier is one of Santa Monica’s most well-known landmarks. The pier, standing for over a century, is home to a family amusement center known as Pacific Park. The pier also has restaurants, a pub, a trapeze school, an arcade, entertainers, shops, an aquarium and a carousel that dates back to the 1920s.

Third Street Promenade

An upscale entertainment, dining, and shopping complex in downtown Santa Monica, Third Street Promenade is considered to be the finest dining and shopping district on the Westside. It brings in crowds from all over Los Angeles. Due to its closeness to the Pacific Ocean and Los Angeles’ mild climate, many tourists flock here while on vacation.

Santa Monica Place

Many visitors enjoy shopping in Santa Monica and its trendsetting boutiques at Santa Monica Place never disappoint. The three level open-air shopping haven located at the south end of Third Street Promenade features 120 shops including brands such as Macy’s, Williams-Sonoma and Kenneth Cole.

Cuisine Variety

Santa Monica’s culinary scene is renowned from diverse international influences, fresh farmer’s market ingredients and al fresco dining with ocean views. Its cuisine is as big of an attraction as its beaches and shopping malls. Santa Monica’s streets are the reputed birthplaces of “fusion” and “California” cuisine, marked by organic ingredients and an artistic blending of culinary styles.


The city is also home to fantastic museums: The Santa Monica Museum of Art and the Santa Monica History Museum. The latter is the first museum to display historical information on the culture and art of Santa Monica that has been carefully preserved and collected over decades by the Santa Monica Historical Society.

There are many reasons why Santa Monica appeals to its residents and tourists across the world. It offers a little something for everyone who comes to visit. To a doctor, lawyer, electrician or sump pump contractor in Los Angeles, Santa Monica will always feel like home.

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