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The new tool for every plumber’s success: social media

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Los Angeles plumbers have always relied on hammers and wrenches to succeed, but now they need to add another tool to their arsenal: social media. Networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are a great place to catch up with your friends, watch funny cat videos, and absorb breaking news, but they’re also a booming business environment.

Increasingly, businesses big and small are turning to social media to connect with customers and network with each other. It’s not just retail brands, either. All kinds of industries – even plumbers – set up official pages in addition to their website because consumers just expect it now. They want to engage with your business beyond the dry copy on your website.

Check out these benefits of to creating a social media presence for your plumbing company.

Customer reviews

More than ever, people rely on word of mouth when deciding whom to contact about their clogged toilet or leaky shower. Many websites look the same and offer similar promises. So how does a person know whom to pick out of a long list of contenders, especially in neighborhoods like Hollywood or Santa Monica that have intense plumbing competition? He reads user reviews from your past clients.

Websites like Yelp put reviews front and center, and even allow the business being reviewed to respond to reviews and offer special promotions. Additionally, people are now used to leaving comments on companies’ social media pages, which is an opportunity for you to illustrate your devotion to customer service. If someone praises your service, follow up with a thank you. If a customer is dissatisfied, you can address their concern in real time.

Promote special deals

Many brands use their social media pages to promote special deals. If you’re running a promotion on, say, green fixtures or a hot water heater flush, you can let people know by posting about it. In addition to encouraging people to pay attention to your content, you can also use it as leverage for more followers. In other words, only people who follow you on Facebook or connect with you on Twitter will get to see your discounts.

Building a following is important because you want to reach a wider audience. While a huge number of followers doesn’t necessarily translate to massive business, it does provide you a kind of social proof, meaning users who are checking out your page for the first time might be more inclined to follow or Like it if they see you already have a following.

Establish authority

Social media is a great tool for establishing authority online. While the title of  best plumber in Los Angeles is already taken, you can build your reputation by posting relevant content that benefits or entertains your followers in some way. Ritz Plumbing recommends how-to videos, inspiring images for homeowners, links to blog posts about plumbing, and more. No matter where you live – Downtown LA or The South Bay – your followers should be able to apply your great content to their own home.

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