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This overlooked area of your home could cause a plumbing nightmare

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The locations of plumbing emergencies consist of a lineup of usual suspects. The kitchen and bathroom are top offenders, and as no one in Los Angeles has a basement, the area you store your water heater is also a common perpetrator. These areas tend to leak, clog and flood more than any other section of the house.

But do you know the most susceptible place for serious plumbing damage?

Your yard.

First of all, if you have a yard in LA, congrats. You’re in the lucky minority. From West Hollywood to Torrance, Angelenos who have grass and gardens know that it can greatly add value to their home. Of course, it can also be the destination for a flood of sewage, backed up drains, sprinkler mishaps and more.

In other words, if you weren’t aware of the potential plumbing headaches in your yard, consider the following.

Sewer lines

A flooded bathroom is one thing. It’s inconvenient and if not treated in time, it can be costly. But it doesn’t compare to the havoc unleashed by a burst sewer line. When this type of pipe breaks, it sends dirty, noxious waste water up to the surface. Your well-manicured grass will surely suffer; your tomato garden won’t bare fruit this season – at least, none that you can eat.

Typically this kind of fiasco occurs with older lines. Over time, strong tree roots can encroach on and finally break the pipe. However, though the effects aren’t pretty, you can prevent it from causing irreparable damage by contacting the best plumber Los Angeles has to offer. Whether you live in Hollywood or Hermosa Beach, Ritz’s team of experts can fix the break without digging up your entire lawn.


While rain isn’t a common occurrence in LA, it happens enough every year to make relief necessary for your yard. When water builds up, it can over-saturate and kill your grass – for starters. The reality is there are far worse consequences to poor drainage on your property. In the worst cases, a lack of drainage can negatively impact the foundation of your house, which can spell a big, expensive renovation for you.

To tell if your home’s foundation is affected by drainage, look for warning signs such as cracks or sagging in driveways and concrete walkways. A good rule of thumb is to install a drain in your yard if possible to catch excess runoff.


We’d all like our properties to look like the well-maintained exteriors of The Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills. While we may lack the budget for that kind of upkeep, sprinklers can certainly help maintain a lush look throughout the year. However, if always unattended, broken sprinklers can drive up your water bill and kill your lawn. The solution seems relatively simple: watch your sprinklers. But in reality, who spends their early mornings observing the health of their sprinkler systems? If you check in on them from time to time, you can ensure that they operate as intended, saving you the expense of repair – and a new lawn.


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