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Plumbing Innovations Throughout History

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When it comes to tankless water heater repair los angeles residents may believe that our culture invented the world’s most significant plumbing advances. After all, the flushable toilet was created here by Thomas Crapper, right? Sadly, though this was his real name, he was not the first by a longshot, and plumbing has been quite advanced for many centuries.

In the 26th Century BC, the Indus Valley Civilization, a Bronze Age society located in a portion of what is now Afghanistan, not only had indoor flush toilets, but had them in every home. These toilets connected to a rather sophisticated sewer system for waste disposal.

Some of the most famous early hot tubs belonged to the Romans, who used public bath houses as an important part of their culture. Baths were communal and social events, and were attached mostly to natural hot springs in an area. The architecture was often elaborate and lovely, and the houses were so well constructed that some of them can still be visited today.

Though we still may have the technological edge on trenchless sewer repair los angeles is not the original pioneer of drainage engineering. This honor belongs most likely to the ancient Incan city of Macchu Pichu. This spectacular Incan city was inhabited in the 1500’s and sits fifteen thousand feet above sea level. The city is built atop a granite mountaintop in an area that recieves over 2000mm of annual rainfall. What did they do to keep their city from flooding or eroding and sliding off the cliff? They pre-planned over 125 separate drainage channels. As a result, the city looks as structurally sound as when it was built several centuries ago.

Indoor bathtubs have been around for a long time, and have been said to have been imported to our nation by Benjamin Franklin. The importance of a good bath by our founding fathers continued for many decades– one of the first jumbo bathtubs of note belonged to our fattest President, William Howard Taft. The tub was custom made and special ordered from Italy, and was large enough to fit four normal men, or one very large leader of our nation.

Hot water pipes came along in the 1800’s, and were originally a British Invention. The first hot water pipes came from tanks in the attic of a house that curled down inside the chimney, where they were heated by the exiting smoke of the fireplace.

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