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How to protect your plumbing during cold snaps

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Los Angeles residents are pretty lucky. We don’t face the harsh winters of the Midwest and east coast. A trip to Big Bear Mountain might result in chilly temperatures, but there are no Polar Vortexes to speak of.

However, weather systems off the Pacific Ocean and from the various mountain ranges can still wreak havoc on unsuspecting residents. From Santa Monica to Hollywood, our city experiences its fair share cold, wet weather. As the cold season descends upon us, it’s a good time to winterize your home – especially your plumbing. Pipes don’t need a lot of attention during Summer and Spring, but once the thermostat starts to dip, they need a little TLC to make sure they run all season long.

Here are a few tips to consider as we head into the Winter months.

Update fixtures

Like any other city, Los Angeles likes to celebrate the seasons. From classy holiday parties in Downtown LA to family gatherings in the South Bay (or wherever you’re from), we like to invite people over from Thanksgiving through New Years. But while having more friends and family around can lift our spirits, it can have an adverse effect on our home’s fixtures.

Gatherings mean increased usage of toilets and sinks, which puts a greater strain on your plumbing, and consumes more water overall. To make sure you don’t waste valuable H2O while still providing accommodations for your guests, replace your old fixtures with high-efficiency options. They work just like the fixtures you’re used to but they actually consume less when used.

Water heater inspection

Everyone should have their water heater inspected once in a while. Most traditional tanks are built to last for a few years, but without a good flush, sediment can build up over time and decrease performance. Whether you use a standard model or more modern tankless water heater, it’s especially important to make sure yours runs smoothly throughout the cold months. Otherwise, you could be left without hot water when you need it most.

For an inspection, call the best plumber Los Angeles has to offer. Ritz Plumbing can check your tank and evaluate its performance. Whether you live in Beverly Hills or West Hollywood, our team of trained professionals can flush out the debris and ensure that the increased use of hot water during the holiday season won’t ware too much on the tank.

Circulate warm air

While Southern California doesn’t have to worry too much about freezing temperatures (unless of course you live in higher elevations such as the Santa Monica Mountains), residents should be careful not to let their homes get too cold. When your home’s temperature drops below 55 degrees, you risk freezing the pipes in the walls. Fortunately, the solution is simple. Just circulate warm air every now and then to maintain a nice, comfortable temperature. If you open cabinet doors under sinks and near exterior walls, your water pipes should work just fine all Winter long.



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