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Save money with these New Year’s plumbing resolutions

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As the New Year begins, Beverly Hills residents are no doubt thinking about resolutions for 2015. Many of us vow to work off the holiday weight gain, while others resolve to save more money. However, taking better care of your home is a resolution that can pay off in a variety of ways. Specifically, homeowners should pay closer to attention to their plumbing. The reality is that, more than any other facet of home-ownership, plumbing is susceptible to many potential problems. Don’t let these pesky issues get the best of you this year. Instead, focus on making the next 12 months problem-free with these resolutions:

Take preventative measures

Prevention is key to avoiding almost all plumbing disasters down the line. Just as going to the dentist ensures the life of your teeth, so does maintaining the health of your pipes, drains, sinks, etc. Most likely you haven’t thought about these things in a while – all the more reason to perform a status check.

It doesn’t take much to see how your fixtures and infrastructure is doing. You undoubtedly notice if your main bathroom or kitchen sink isn’t draining, but what about the guest bathroom? When’s the last time you looked in on it? Similarly, if you haven’t had your water heater flushed in over a year, it’s time to clean it out. Otherwise, debris can build up and force you to replace the appliance earlier than you’d like.

Fix all issues in a timely manner

Procrastination is a common theme in New Year’s resolutions. No matter the area of your life, vowing to be more productive and do away with procrastination is always a noble goal; the same idea can be applied to your plumbing. Usually if a sink drips or a dishwasher fails to work as efficiently as it should, we let it slide for as long as possible. However, we’re actually wasting money by doing this. That’s right, procrastination doesn’t just hurt the performance of appliances, it actually drains your bank account as well.

If your plumbing isn’t living up to its potential, don’t wait. Contact the most skilled plumber in Beverly Hills. Ritz Plumbing can tackle just about any plumbing problem, urgent or not. Whether you live near Rodeo Drive or along Wilshire Boulevard, our team of technicians will service your home quickly, so you can meet your anti-procrastination policy.

Use less water

By now every Los Angeles resident should be aiming to use less water. Despite recent bouts of rainfall, we’re still gripped by a serious drought. If you haven’t been paying close attention to your level of water consumption, this is a great time to start. (Among plumbing resolutions, it’s also one of the easiest ways to save money on your water bill). You can take simple steps such as turning off the water while you hand-wash the dishes, taking shorter showers, collecting and re-using water from the sink to hydrate your lawn, and more.




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