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Who Does Shamu Call To Change His Tank?

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Shamu, the first orca whale to survive longer than 13 months in captivity, was once the star of a popular killer whale show featured at SeaWorld in San Diego, California in the 1960s. After she passed in 1971, her name lived on in both the featured presentations and it is often the name given to the “star” of the show. Visitors to SeaWorld may be so caught up in the spectacular marine life and shows that they rarely stop to think about the work that goes into making these productions happen. Not just any plumber Los Angeles home owners would call will suffice for Shamu! A professional remains on call to help the facilities should they require routine or emergency maintenance. Here are some other little-known facts about SeaWorld and its sister theme parks:

From Where Does SeaWorld Get Their Water?

Not only does SeaWorld house marine creatures from across the world, but they also recently opened an aquatic waterpark, Aquatica, for visitors to enjoy. Additionally, SeaWorld boasts separate pools for dolphins, belugas and seals, a manmade lake that three ski boats can race in and tanks big enough for orcas to perform aerial flips.

Located on Mission Bay, SeaWorld San Diego uses water from the bay for the facility’s pools and habitats. SeaWorld also acknowledges that they treat the seawater before it is returned back to the bay and is often pumped out cleaner than it was before it had arrived due to their cautious cleaning procedures. Additionally, innovative moisture technology helps the park to conserve water by considering rainfall, sun exposure, plant material type and seasonal adjustments when they water the areas.

Are There Health Concerns?

Although there are little health concerns that arise as water is pumped into the facility and it is treated right away, should the water not be drained, sanitized and replaced in a timely fashion, algae and other microorganisms may begin to grow and affect the health of both the animals and the employees that work in the water.

SeaWorld strives to stay on top of these efforts, calling a drain repair San Diego service when necessary or they may call in an expert aquatic plumber Los Angeles aquariums and Olympic pool venues refer.

Whether SeaWorld needs assistance pumping water to and from the facility or they need a drain repair San Diego professional to help clean and replace the water, the park stays on top of their preventative maintenance and continues to strive for excellence in their own water use and conservation, as well as their showmanship and care for the animals. Check out the world-famous Shamu shows and the other marine life the next time you’re in San Diego.

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