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Simple plumbing repairs all renters can do

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Despite the current housing boom in Los Angeles, renters make up a significant portion of the residential population – and for good reason. Renting is a desirable option for all kinds of people. Whether you’re on a budget, or just don’t want the hassle of home ownership, leasing an apartment, condo or home certainly has its perks. Specifically, renters aren’t on the hook for fixing plumbing issues with the residence. Those problems are the responsibility of landlords.

However, just because you can avoid a plumbing problem doesn’t mean you have to. In fact, many people derive satisfaction from learning to do their own repairs. Besides, depending on the efficiency of the landlord, handling the problem yourself may be the fastest option.

Here are a few common plumbing problems that all renters can repair themselves.

Clogged drain

We’ve all had clogged drains before. It usually starts as a minor build up of water in the sink, and over time devolves into a complete lack of drainage. Clogs are typically caused by hair or other debris that’s fallen into the pipe and stubbornly refuse to wash away. But the next time this happens, don’t call your landlord; fix it yourself.

Clogs are often solved by a simple, low-cost solution. A simple mixture of white vinegar and baking soda usually does the trick (by the way, if you haven’t discovered the wonders of white vinegar in home repair, look into it). Add this mixture to your drain and rinse it with hot water. Most of the time this home remedy will clear everything up.

Broken toilet

Poor-performing toilets can be caused by a number of things – almost all of which can be solved by the common renter. Let’s start with clogs. The first line of defense against this issue is to try a standard plunger. Simply plunge the bottom of the bowl to loosen whatever’s stuck. Avoid cheap, suction cup plungers; these have a smaller success rate. The best plungers are larger and ball-shaped. Once the debris is freed, give it a flush to see if the bowl drains.

Another common toilet problem is a seemingly broken handle, as in, when you push the handle, the bowl fails to drain. To fix this, first remove the lid on the tank. Most likely, the chain between the handle and the interior flange has become caught. Adjust the chain so it reaches, and try flushing again.

Weak water pressure

Weak water pressure is annoying. In addition to poor performance in your sinks, showers become a difficult, unappealing process. But often there’s an easy solution. First, start by checking all of the faucets in your apartment or condo. Do they all have weak pressure, or is the problem isolated to one specific area?

If it’s a residence-wide issue, you may then have to call a professional. But not to fear – just contact the most skilled plumber in Santa Monica. Ritz Plumbing can assess the water pressure problem, locate the source, and perform all necessary maintenance to restore your shower to its former glory.

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