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The sure-fire way to kill all of your plumbing

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Let’s face it. The stereotype about Hermosa Beach residents is that we’re all laid-back beach bums. Of course, those of us who live and work here know that that’s not true… or at least, it’s only partially true. Sure, we love cruising The Strand, hitting the beach, and patronizing the many great local restaurants and retail shops, but there’s much more to us than common assumptions suggest.

However, one trait for which most of us are sometimes guilty – actually, it’s a trait shared by just about everyone in any community – is procrastination. In many circumstances, a little procrastination isn’t that big of a deal. With your home’s plumbing, however, it can have disastrous effects. That’s right, putting off repairs to your home’s water system, no matter how small they may seem, can completely ruin it.

Here are just a few common repairs homeowners need to fix sooner than later.

Clogged drains

We’ve all experienced clogged drains at some point. Whether your sink backs up or your bathtub just isn’t draining as it should, this common problem affects us all. It’s so common, in fact, that it’s really easy to just let it slide. If the water that backs up into the sink or tub doesn’t seriously disrupt our lives, we let it go, waiting for it to either take care of itself, or vowing to fix it – another time. But if you’ve ever experienced serious fallout from a clog, then you know what procrastination can do. Over time, debris builds and builds, mounting until the clog become impenetrable and causes a plumbing emergency. What started as a simple DIY fix has become a job for a plumber.

Leaky pipes

Leaky pipes can cause a serious homeowner headache, and they’re not uncommon among local residents. No matter where you live in The South Bay, your home is susceptible. To prevent a small leak from snowballing into a full-blown plumbing emergency, call the most skilled plumber in Hermosa Beach.

Ritz Plumbing can assess your leaky pipe and determine the proper course of action. If a professional doesn’t repair it, you may face a potential flooding of your home. Wet floors and walls are bad enough, but in serious cases whole ceiling can burst open, depending on the location of the leaky pipe. No one wants a shower unless they’re actually in the shower, so call Ritz at the first sign of a leak.

Inefficient washing machines

Washing machines seem harmless enough. If they’re working properly, you don’t think twice about them. However, older, inefficient machines can be a real drain on your home’s plumbing – literally. If you suspect that your machine needs to be replaced with a newer, water-efficient model, or if you’re experiencing a small leak as a result of the current machine, don’t procrastinate getting it fixed. Washers use a lot of water, and if they’re not working properly, can seriously drive up your monthly bill. New machines, however, use less water and less energy, saving you money and repairs in the long run.

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