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That Is What Was In My Drain?

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Haven’t Cleaned Your Drain Lately? These Guys Might do it for You!

If there’s a rooter los angeles might not want to consider, it would be in the form of creepy crawlies coming up your drain. It’s rare, but there are documented cases of animals who manage to hold their breath long enough to make it all the way through your pipes and into your homes. Here are some of the top offenders:

Lizards: If you’re in need of drain repair los angeles residents may want to be careful. A number of species of lizards are able to make their way through your pipes. The good news? If you have bugs, they’re eating them for you.

Opossums: You might not believe it’s possible, but these guys have been documented popping out of more than one toilet. Whether in this country, where baby opossums occasionally show up in the bowl, to Australia, where their bottle brush tailed cousins appear, it’s one of the more common toilet visitors. Next time you want to blame your spouse for the big hairball clogging the drain, you may want to double check that they’re the culprit.

Frogs: This is a common problem in the Southeastern US. A scourge of Costa Rican Frogs have been slowly multiplying through Florida, Alabama, and Mississippi. These pesky amphibians are known to appear out of nowhere through toilet bowls and faucets alike.

Snakes: Yep. I’m afraid so. Though little watersnakes are a possibility, often pet snakes who find their way to the sewers can decide to leave via apartment plumbing as well. If your neighbor’s boa constrictor goes missing, you may want to consider keeping your toilet lids shut.

Rats: They’re hard to get rid of, and apparently flushing them won’t do the trick. Norway rats are excellent swimmers, and can find their way right back up your pipes. These pesky vermin made their way here from Europe by scurrying up the ropes tying ships to docks. Apparently they never left their watery heritage.

Spiders: Okay, this one is a myth. The itsy bitsy spider doesn’t actually climb up the water spout. If you find them regularly in your sinks or tub, they’re most likely finding their way in from cracks toward the ceiling or crawlspaces, and end up stuck in the porcelain, on a slippery surface that they can’t climb back up. The most likely culprits are giant house spiders- they don’t have webbing to attach to the tap and climb out of the basin.

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