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The Spa and the Plumber: That’s A Lot Of Water

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If you frequent a spa or other health resort, you may not think about all the work that goes into making the facilities function. What happens if the plumbing fails? What types of pipes allow for water to divert across the spa? Commercial plumbers Los Angeles spa owners call on are typically responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of these facilities and understand how valuable a working plumbing system is to the spa industry.

1. Steam Showers

For exercise fanatics, following workouts with a steam shower can help to reduce the body’s production of lactic acid, a chemical responsible for sore muscles once it builds up in the muscle tissue. Steam showers provide better circulation to help flush the chemical from the body before it can build up and cause pain. Those who frequent steam baths solely for relaxation also report feeling calmer and less anxious.

Ritz Plumbing believes in relaxation! We’re ready for the unique plumbing services Los Angeles spas encounter daily. An “Out of Order” sign should never be in a place of calm and order. One of our experienced plumbers will be able to fix the drains and nozzles if they become clogged or check the water heater to ensure proper temperature.

2. Jacuzzis

Jacuzzis, like steam showers, provide relief to sore muscles. The tubs utilize a vacuum pump to pull the water in and push it out of the jets onto the floor and walls of the tub. Each tub features an intake valve, typically located at the bottom of the unit. A heating mechanism inside the pump raises the temperature of the water as it is pulled in. Many jacuzzis offer user panels to adjust the temperature to preference.

Jacuzzis require the same level of upkeep as swimming pools in terms of cleaning and sanitizing. However, should the pump fail due to extended usage or if the thermostat malfunctions leaving the water too chill, Ritz has the experienced commercial plumbers Los Angeles spas rely on to get everyone back to stress free living.

3. Mud Baths

While sitting in a tub of mud isn’t everyone’s idea of an enjoyable and relaxing time, those who swear by mud baths agree that the experience takes tension out of muscles while also exfoliating their skin. Spas typically place a dry mixture into the tub and combine it with mineral water until the thick paint consistency is reached. Coils of hot water run through the bottom to maintain the temperature of the mud in the bath.

While mud is often reused in between guests, spas often drain the mud out of the tub at the end of the day. Guests also shower the mud off after their session is over. The kind of commercial plumbing services Los Angeles spas require are unique in these situations. Caked mud and broken coils only add to stress rather than take away from it.

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