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5 Plumbing Emergencies Bel-Air Residents Need To Avoid

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Summer is approaching, and that means spending more time with family and friends.  Dinners, garden parties, and barbecues are hallmarks of the season.  They give us a chance to commune, and stay refreshed from the hot summer sun.

From downtown to Santa Monica, Los Angeles is a city that knows how to celebrate the warm months.  One neighborhood especially envied for its swanky charm is Bel-Air.  With its luxury homes and mansions, chic hotels and stylish residents, this pocket of the Westside is never lacking for an event, especially during the summer.

If you live in this section of the city known for its platinum real estate, then it’s a good time to clean your house and prepare it for guests.  One thing you don’t want to experience is an unexpected surprise with your home.

Imagine all of your closest friends attending a party that you’ve thrown, only to discover that a pipe burst and flooded the living room!

Plumbing emergencies are never desirable, but they can be avoided with the right amount of prevention and care.  The reality is a disaster can strike at any time, ruining not just your social plans, but your home as well.  For the best 24 hour emergency plumber Bel-Air has to offer, call Ritz Plumbing.

For years, we’ve serviced the neighborhood, and are familiar with its common plumbing problems and solutions.  We can help you morning, noon, and night.

We know how important upkeep is for your home, and can minimize damage.  However, there are a few issues to consider now in order to avoid a last-minute disaster later.

Clogged toilet

Nobody wants to experience an overflowing toilet, especially not during a gathering of friends.  To prevent it, make sure you don’t send too much paper down the drain.

Low flow toilets are popular, but they use less pressure, and sometimes clog up more often.  Go easy on your pipes.

Failed water heater

While cold water may not create a middle-of-the-night emergency, it can cause problems for you or your guests during a party.

It’s not a bad idea to inspect your heater now.  Does it look old and rusted?  Are you already having temperature issues?  If so, contact a plumber to come out and give it a look.

Broken garbage disposal

A busted disposal can mean backed up garbage.  The smell can be awful in the worst circumstances.  Avoid putting food like fatty meats, eggshells, and celery down it.

Try grinding ice cubes in it every now and then.  It will help loosen stuck food, and keep it running properly.

Washing machine floods

When was the last time you replaced your washing machine hoses?  If left untreated, they can break and flood your whole house.  Replace them with sturdier, braided hoses if possible.

Burst pipes

Unfortunately there’s no true way to avoid a burst pipe.  It can happen at any time, no matter what you’re doing, or who is attending your home.  In the worst cases, you may see a bulge of water in the ceiling, or large spots on the wall.  In these cases, shut off the water, and call an emergency plumber.

It may disrupt your home or interrupt your gathering, but it’ll be worth it in the long run.

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