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Are these hot trends right for your remodel?

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Unless you’re constantly updating your home, trends in interior design are impossible to follow. One year industrial-grade plumbing fixtures are in; the next year it’s all about a classic look. Los Angeles residents in particular feel pressure to keep up, since our city is so trend-conscious. At the end of the day, you have to go with your gut. Your personal preference is what matters most.

However, to keep your home looking modern, consider some of 2014’s most popular choices for home design. They may not all be right for you, but who knows. Maybe they’ll inspire you with ideas for a summer remodeling project.


Not all bathrooms are created equal. Enter any contemporary, luxury Beverly Hills estate, and you may very well find an equally luxurious washroom.

If budget is no object, or if you like to incorporate technology into all facets of life, then you might consider some high-end additions to your bathroom. Large, spacious showers encased in glass are now the norm. Rather than built to the side, they now occupy the center of the room. At first, this non-traditional placement may seem odd, until you see the big-screen TV just outside the shower door.

Additionally, many people now opt for a blue tooth-connected shower speaker. It’s waterproof, and connects to your favorite music apps, allowing you to take singing in the shower to a whole new level.


Design may favor excess, but the trend for your home’s plumbing is just the opposite. Increasingly, the government is mandating that people use high-efficiency fixtures. For older homes, the plumbing is most likely outdated and unable to meet the new standards for responsible water use.

If you’re not sure what to buy or need help with installation, call one of the best plumber companies Los Angeles has to offer. Ritz Plumbing stays current with all of the plumbing trends, and after an inspection, can tell you exactly what your remodel needs in order to be up to date and efficient.

For example, low-flush toilets are gaining popularity. Likewise, many homeowners are replacing their old water heaters with tankless models. In the long run, they can reduce your water consumption, as well as your monthly bill.


While full-scale bathroom remodels may be in order for some, many homeowners just want to conduct an affordable update to their interiors. Given one recent trend, this is very do-able.

Gray, industrial colors haven’t completely dissipated, but more and more people are turning to bold reds and yellows for their walls. You don’t have to tear up the floors or rearrange the pipes. No technological overhaul is necessary. All that’s required is a simple paint job. You might be surprised how big of a difference a little color can make.

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