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Is your sewer line a disaster waiting to happen?

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For some homes in Los Angeles, sewer lines pose a major threat. They provide a necessary service to residential and commercial properties, but after a certain point, they become vulnerable. Age leaves them exposed. Whether it’s encroaching tree roots or simple wear and tear over the years, eventually they need to be repaired or replaced. Otherwise they can burst, flooding your yard and home with stinky, possibly dangerous water, and causing a major domestic headache for your family.

Not all lines will fail, but it doesn’t hurt to familiarize yourself with your options, just in case. A quick, informed response is key to avoiding irreversible damage and costly repairs.


Typically, a sewer line is located underground in your yard. Accessing it is necessary in the event of a disturbance. Years ago, the only option was to dig up giant sections of your lawn, but recent technology has made the repair process more efficient. Using a hi-tech camera, a good plumber can slide the device into the pipe, and monitor its video feed above ground. With a little maneuvering, we can pinpoint the exact location of the problem.

Once this is done, only minimal digging is required. Other than the damage incurred by any initial flooding, the repair will protect your landscape from any further harm.


Unfortunately, not every sewer line issue is an easy fix. The older your pipes are, the more prone they’ll be to serious damage. A major break may indicate that the pipe is old and likely to fail again in the future. This kind of situation requires a bolder approach.

Rather than zeroing in on one problem area, a full replacement is in order. No line repair should be performed as a DIY project, but this job in particular requires the work of a pro. For the best plumber Los Angeles has to offer, call Ritz Plumbing. Our trained technicians will make every attempt to reduce the disruption to your yard, but in the event that a quick fix can’t do the job, we’re prepared to take that next step.

Luckily, a full line replacement doesn’t mean you’re going to lose your landscaping. Though a moderate amount of digging may be required, you can count on us to be precise and thorough.


Sewer problems aren’t just limited to breaks. Indeed, many issues result from a clog, which can also cause the water to back up into your yard and home. In the event that you do experience a clog, some services offer a technique known as hydro-jetting. Access to the pipe is made through a small amount of digging, and then it’s basically flooded with a high-power jet. The overwhelming force of H2O clears all stuck debris, and re-opens the line once again.

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