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How trees can actually destroy your yard

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Los Angeles homes are not known for their spacious yards. Compared to many areas throughout the country, our lawns are pretty modest at best. However, for those homeowners who are lucky enough to have space to speak of, you know that it can be both a blessing and a curse. Relaxing and entertaining outside is a great benefit, but the upkeep is never-ending. From maintaining the sprinkler systems to raking the leaves or cleaning the pool, you spend much time and money on outdoor upkeep. Plumbing systems in particular can cause serious problems.

Specifically, underground sewer lines. All homes have mains running throughout their yard and most of us will never even be aware of their presence. However, unlucky residents may become all too aware in the event of a burst sewer line. The culprit? Read on…

The root of the problem

By all means, trees enhance the aesthetic appeal of a yard. They’re nice to look at and provide shade in the hot summer months. But they can also wreak havoc on your yard. Older homes in particular are susceptible to the destruction trees can have on a yards plumbing. As trees grow older, their roots grow deeper and spread out in the soil. As a result, they can potentially become entangled with your sewer lines. Unfortunately, they don’t just stop growing once they hit a pipe. They try to go through it, which only ends up clogging or, in the worst case scenario, breaking it. Newer pipes may be able to withstand the pressure, but old lines that have become frail over time won’t be able to take it.

The symptoms

So how do you know if you have a potential sewage disaster on your hands? First of all, check the age of your house. You may be able to figure out when the pipes were laid and how old the trees are based on your home’s blueprints. If you know the contractor who worked on the home previously, she might be able to provide useful information as well. Otherwise, you should watch out for common symptoms of a clogged or burst pipe. The first signs you might notice are bubbling up in the toilet, especially when running other water-using appliances such as the washing machine. This is a sign that water is having a hard time leaving your home’s pipes, and backing up. Another surefire sign is the smell of sewage in your yard.

The solution

From Downtown LA to The South Bay, no Los Angeles resident should attempt to fix a burst sewer line. Instead, call the best plumber in Los Angeles. Ritz Plumbing’s trained experts can quickly identify the location of the clog or leak, and repair it without tearing up your entire yard. Modern innovation has enable plumbers to use minimally invasive techniques, such as trenchless digging to fix or replace sewer lines. Precise incisions are made in the ground, and work can proceed from there. However, it’s a job best left to a professional with the right skills and equipment.

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