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What To Do After An Earthquake

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Whether you are a native of Los Angeles or you are visiting to escape the bitter cold of your hometown, earthquakes are a very real occurrence in Los Angeles. If you have never lived through strong seismic activity, here are some tips to ensure that you and your family stay safe in the aftermath of an earthquake.

1. Help Others

When the shaking stops, make sure it is safe to exit your location. Check around your area and help trapped or injured people. Elderly, people with special needs and infants may require special attention. If you have access to first aid materials or special training, keep an eye out for those in need of help. If you notice someone seriously injured, do not move them unless you see an immediate danger. Transport them out of harm’s way and then call for help. Be aware of aftershocks and potential tsunamis, particularly if you live directly on the coast. Avoid using a land line telephone except to make emergency calls. If the telephone is off the hook, the receivers are registered as “open” and may become overloaded while utility companies work to restore service.

2. Inspect Utilities

Before reentering your home, check for gas leaks. You may need a gas line repair before the location is safe. If you hear a blowing or hissing noise or if you smell gas, open all of your windows to vent the fumes and exit the building. If you are able, turn the gas off outside and call your utility company. Check for electrical damage such as frayed or broken wires, sparks or insulation and turn off the electricity. Seek assistance from a plumbing Los Angeles professional before attempting to perform a gas line repair or fix any water lines or sewage damage.

3. Exercise Caution

When entering your home, wear long sleeves, pants, work gloves and boots when attempting to put the residence in order. Watch out for broken glass, mirrors or large fixtures that appear to be unsteady. Open cabinets with caution as items may have shifted during the earthquake. Clean up flammable liquids, gasoline, bleaches and medicines immediately. You can use emergency water from melted ice cubes, spas, swimming pools, canned vegetables and toilet tanks if no sanitizing or harmful cleaners have been added.

After an earthquake, it is important to be cautious and alert at all times, no matter how safe you think the area may be. Keep an eye out for injured people and thoroughly check your home for electrical, sewer and water damages before reentering. Emergency earthquake plumbing Los Angeles calls will be coming in rapid fire so remember to be patient with us and other service workers as we tend to your homes.

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