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Why We Love West Covina

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West Covina is a commercial and residential center with limited industry; retail merchandising is the main business activity in the city. As a result, West Covina is home to many shops, restaurants and tourist attractions, making it an ideal getaway from the hustle and bustle of downtown Los Angeles. Everyone from doctors to our very own plumbers in Los Angeles agree that West Covina is one of Los Angeles’ best-kept secrets as it is home to parks, museums and festivals.

Here’s why you’ll agree:

Galster Wilderness Park

The residential subdivisions, office buildings and shopping malls in West Covina conceal one of the city’s only open-space recreation areas. Spanning over 42 acres, the park is located at Aroma Drive and Azusa Avenue in the San Jose Hills. You can enjoy short, easy hill climbs that lead to scenic views of the city, making it an ideal hiking location for less experienced hikers and families. The park is a campers own 24 hrs plumbing service in West Covina with outhouses and streams!


Artsonia is comparable to a children’s art museum; it is an online collection of artwork created by children around the world. Kids can upload the masterpieces they’ve created onto the Web site, and friends and family can then visit the pieces, participate in the activities and take an active role in the child’s art education. Artsonia currently showcases artwork from kids in 100 different countries.

Farmers Market

Every Saturday, West Covina hosts a farmers market that provides summer “stone fruits” including cherries, plums and peaches. Vendors also offer ripe melons, strawberries, corn on the cob and tomatoes to visitors. Fresh honey, mouth-watering breads and fresh-cut flowers are all available for purchase. The vendors also showcase unique gifts and crafts including herbal health products, hand-painted pottery, herbal soaps and bird houses of all shapes and sizes.

Hurst Ranch Historical Center

This educational and entertaining “living history” museum is designed to pique the interest of guests of all ages. It features interactive exhibits that allow you to pump your own water, try out a high-tech cornhusker or churn butter. Objects and artifacts including antique farm equipment are on display, and the space is available for rental for special events.

West Covina is home to many attractions that are designed to please visitors of all ages. From parks and festivals to restaurants and shopping, nearly anyone can find something that tickles their fancy. The city will continue to develop its commercial and residential areas over the next decade, promising even more fun in the sun for years to come.

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