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Will your home survive these natural disasters?

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For as beautiful as our city can be, Los Angeles is not without its problems. Specifically, our geography makes us prone to natural disasters. LA county sits along various fault lines, which as many of us know, makes for some unsettling earthquakes. Meanwhile, our dry climate provides great weather all year round, but it also sets the stage for devastating forest fires. Certain counties are more affected than others, but in the end, we all stand to lose if homes and natural lands are negatively impacted.

Make no mistake. We’re not trying to be a buzzkill; we just think everyone should be prepared for the sudden and dangerous natural disasters facing our city. We may specialize in repairing leaky faucets and copper repiping, but it doesn’t hurt to pass on a few safety tips every once in a while. Here are a few common natural disaster facing Los Angeles residents, and how to deal with them.


Earthquakes aren’t all that uncommon. Fortunately, they’re usually relatively small. We may experience a little shaking, maybe even with some very minor property damage, but we haven’t been hit with a whopper since the Northridge quake. However, many predict that another devastating quake is only a matter of time. In the event that we do experience a big shaker, be prepared for the fall out.

You may lose power and internet, as well as other basic utility services. The main thing you want to do is turn off the gas. Ruptured gas lines can be extremely dangerous to your home. Another good idea is to prepare an emergency kit ahead of time and have it handy. Items should include first aid, bottled water, and non-perishable foods.


Sadly, floods tend to happen as a result of another natural disaster: fires. The charred ground becomes especially slippery, and rainfall can loosen the dirt and cause flooding and even landslides. But even urban areas can experience flooding during heavy storms. If you know a heavy storm is en route, elevate your major appliances and furniture above the floor using bricks. If your home is at the base of a hill, you may also want to add sandbags around the perimeter of your house.

Water main breaks

While water main breaks are related to climate necessarily, they do tend to happen as suddenly as any earthquake or flood. And in some ways, the results are comparable in damage. Street closures, power outages, and injuries can all result in a water main break. They also seem to be unique to Los Angeles. From Westwood to Downtown LA, it seems like more underground mains are bursting every day. If a main bursts near you, call the most experienced plumber in Beverly Hills. Ritz Plumbing serves many areas around the city, and can help you deal with the aftermath of a flooded main. We’ll make sure your own home’s plumbing isn’t contaminated, and can help identify and repair any water damage that ensued after the break.

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