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Will a water main break cancel The Oscars?

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As the world gears up for this year’s Oscar ceremony, producers are frantically addressing last-minute concerns: rehearsals, security, and of course, the possibility of a water main break. That’s right, while Los Angeles is home to Hollywood’s most prestigious night, it’s also become infamous for another regularly occurring event – massive public flooding.

Over the past year, our city has been ravaged by burst underground line after line (like the one in Westwood) that caused destruction and hysteria. While no one can predict for sure if the pipes in Hollywood are next, city experts warn that the lines around The Dolby Theatre haven’t been updated in quite some time. And with all of the additional pressure put on them this week as preparations come to a head, a catastrophic water main break isn’t out of the question.

Will the show go as planned or will a flood rain on the parade of attendees? Here are some interesting things to consider

History could repeat itself

This wouldn’t be the first time a major plumbing emergency completely disrupted an awards ceremony. At last year’s Golden Globes, a major sewer line burst, flooding the red carpet with toxic, noxious sewage. Stars and media had to be diverted to a safer, drier area while plumbers and clean up crews took care of the mess. The red carpet ceremony was sidelined and postponed until the area was cleared again. Raw sewage doesn’t exactly come to mind when you think of Hollywood’s Biggest Night (unless that’s your colorful and harsh critique of the film industry), but it’s certainly not unprecedented.

The flooded streets of Hollywood: a disaster pic in the making?

As many Angelenos know all too well, the effects of a water main break are chaotic and dangerous. In a way, they’re almost reminiscent of a classic disaster movie like Armageddon, The Poseidon Adventure or even Titanic (the last 30 minutes, anyway). As we all saw in Westwood last July, the streets around UCLA completely flooded. Millions of gallons of water knocked people over and swept cars away, posing dozens of safety hazards.

The very same scenario could play out in Hollywood this weekend. Hollywood Boulevard, Sunset Blvd and all of the surrounding streets might become a disaster zone. The good news is that the best plumber in Los Angeles is standing by. Ritz Plumbing, in addition to city workers, can help repair and restore water mains when they blow. Whether you live in Hollywood, Downtown LA or Santa Monica, our team of experts will minimize the aftermath of a major plumbing emergency.

Will the show go on?

In the event of a water main break, we assume the show will be cancelled for safety reasons. On the other hand, stars love to celebrate each other. It’s hard to imagine a world in which flooding can stand in the way of celebrities accepting awards. In addition to honoring great acting work for films like The Grand Budapest Hotel, American Sniper and Birdman, the Oscars represent a chance to be seen on TV by millions of people around the world. Perhaps emergency wet suits will be provided, just in case.


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