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You won’t believe these incredible Valentine’s Day gift ideas

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We know what you’re thinking. This is a blog for a plumbing company. What kind of Valentine’s Day tips could it possibly have? Well believe it or not, we’ve created a list of some awesome and unexpected gift ideas. As a Santa Monica company that repairs people’s homes, we are, in a sense, in the business of making people happy. People love improving their houses, and we love helping them achieve that goal. Maybe there’s not a lot of romance in copper repiping, but other repairs and additions around the house can bring your significant other much happiness.

Check out these surprising and incredible gift ideas for both men and women.

Designer showerhead

It’s pretty amazing what certain companies are doing with plumbing fixtures these days. Showerheads in particular have become a highly coveted item among homeowners who enjoy a luxury shower experience. For one thing, new, hi-tech models provide adjustable power. You can dial in exactly how much water pressure you want, and change it on a whim. Additionally, you certain models allow you to adjust temperature as well. It’s the perfect gift for that significant other who is very particular about the level of heat and pressure in the shower.

Luxury fixtures

Los Angeles’ high-end homes are often equipped with luxury fixtures, but you don’t have to be a millionaire to trick out your house with fine details. It’s not uncommon to find classy retailers who sell a variety of versatile and design-friendly faucets and sinks. Whether you prefer a stainless steel industrial aesthetic, or a rustic basin, the sky’s the limit. Installation may require the work of the most skilled plumber in Santa Monica, but Ritz Plumbing is happy to help add a stylish feature to your kitchen or bathroom. Whether you live near Third Street Promenade or The Santa Monica Pier, our team of technicians can fit your home with just about any fixture.

Vintage lighting

For some, rustic touches are the ideal home design aesthetic. Whether it’s the addition of stained wood or perhaps a chalk board in the kitchen for writing recipes and grocery lists, many homeowners prefer a chic, stripped down mood. Few things accomplish this more than vintage light bulbs. Typically, the bulbs are long and narrow and put the interior filament on display. The result is an increase in mood lighting. Add these bulbs to a cool vintage fixture or even a chandelier, and you’ll crank up the romance in your home on Valentine’s Day.

Kitchen upgrade

This will require planning and a little more time for execution, depending on how thorough you want to upgrade (or maybe you want to go full remodel). However, it’s not too late to surprise your significant other with some highly desirable kitchen additions. Whether it’s a new stainless steel or basin sink, a rack for hanging pots and pans, or perhaps a new industrial kitchen cart, the possibilities in the kitchen are limitless. You can further achieve that rustic feel by taking an old wooden table and adding style and texture through a nice stain. It’ll provide the perfect place to eat a romantic dinner on Valentine’s Day.

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