Your Brea Plumber Since 1931

The oil derricks that used to dot the hills surrounding Brea have long disappeared, as have most of the orange groves that once spread across the town. Today, Brea is a modern city with a variety of cultural and commercial attractions. Whether you live in a historic home that harkens back to Brea’s early days or in a contemporary suburban home, you rely on your plumbing system to enhance the quality of your life at home.

Full-Service Plumbing Contractor

Whether you’re a business owner looking for a commercial plumber to service your sprinkler systems Brea or a homeowner interested in installing earthquake valves to protect your property, when you need a plumber Brea, Ritz Plumbing is the company to call for reliable service. Our master plumbers are experienced in all types of plumbing installations, repairs and services, from a simple faucet repair or dishwasher repair to safe and secure gas line installation and gas line repair.

Fast and Effective Emergency Plumbing Repairs

Don’t let an emergency like a sewer line repair Brea interrupt your busy lifestyle. Whether you’re catching the latest show at the Curtis Theatre or the newest exhibits at the City of Brea Art Gallery, with a 24 hour emergency plumber in your list of contacts offers peace of mind. If you need immediate pipe repair, hot water heater repair or sewer line repair Brea, you can count on a prompt response from a 24 hour emergency plumber from Ritz Plumbing.

Quality Products and Services

Our skilled technicians are equipped to address all of your plumbing needs, including a new hot water heater installation or tankless water heater installation Brea. If you’re experiencing poor water quality, flow or pressure, a water pressure regulator may address the problem. If drain cleaners or services for rooter Brea are the underlying cause, we’re up for the job, providing quality drain cleaning Brea that won’t harm your pipes.

Whether you’re shopping for the latest fashions at the Brea Mall or stepping back into time rambling through the 12-acre Olinda Oil Museum and Trail historic park, it’s great to know that you have a reliable plumber Brea on call for any plumbing need. From a tankless water heater installation Brea to trenchless sewer repair and commercial plumbing services Brea, Ritz Plumbing lets you enjoy all the pleasures of life in the charming North Orange county town without worrying about breakdowns in your plumbing system.