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Sprinkler System Repair Specialists In The Los Angeles Area

Do you want your garden/outdoors environment to be the envy of all your neighbors? Are you having problems with brown grass, clogged pipes or flooded basements? With sixty years of experience, we are your Los Angeles garden/outdoors experts.

Our plumbers will guarantee that you have green, healthy grass, colorful flowers and an enjoyable swimming environment. Besides fixing rusted, corroded and clogged pipes, Ritz plumbers provide the solutions for your garden/outdoors environments:

1) Sprinkler Systems
2) Swimming Pool
3) Improved Drainage

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Sprinkler Systems

When you work hard all day and spend hours on the California highways, you don’t have the time, energy or desire to water your lawn. Sometimes, there is too much rain; other times, there isn’t enough rain. Before you know it, you have brown spots. Perhaps, your sprinkler system is old and needs replacing.

On the weekends, you just want to sit back and enjoy your beautiful garden, lawn and outdoor environment with family and friends. You might want to drink and eat while listening to your favorite sports team on the radio. You don’t want to spend hours dragging your garden hose around watering your flowers, bushes and trees. You aren’t an expert at lawn care. With a well-timed sprinkler, you can enjoy your leisure time while ensuring you have a great garden, outdoors and landscaping.

There are many different sprinkler systems available: impact, oscillating and underground. Homeowners with delicate flowers prefer small drip emitters. A permanent sprinkler system can give you a great environment. Retractable heads protect the sprinklers during mowing and maintenance. Get rid of brown grass, weeds and dead patches with a new sprinkler system installed by Ritz.

Clean, Cool and Refreshing Pool

Nothing demonstrates class, sophistication and success more than a nice, clean, cool and refreshing swimming location to entertain with friends, family or business partners. California has a hot climate where children, family and friends want to cool down, get exercise and relax in a water wonderland. Make your home the center of attention with a great water recreational environment.

Water distribution systems have two primary purposes: 1) bringing in clean water and 2) removing dirty water. Ritz can help install, improve or upgrade your water falls, fountains and ponds. A great water ecosystem is a great conversational point.

There is a lot of work involved in cleaning out the leaves, garbage and debris that accumulate over time in your water. A well-functioning water system will help remove the dirty water and replace it with clean water. Have the best swimming environment on your block.

Improved Drainage

Water naturally flows down hills, but not every Californian home is located on the top of a hill. Some newer houses are more likely to experience flooded basements due to being located near swamps. Nothing is worse than having all of your pictures, books and furniture destroyed by flooding. The mold can grow in your walls and lead to breathing problems.

When you invest time, energy and money into a great property, it only makes sense to have high-quality draining. Our plumbers can help drain rain and flood water away from your home to protect your foundation.

Water drains differently on clay or sandy soil. During heavy rains a collection of water can lead to serious land slides. Our plumber professionals will help regrade your soil to prevent water from damaging your property.

Best Plumbing Service

We provide the best service for your garden/outdoors – sprinklers, swimming and draining. Our plumbers take the best care of you and your property. We use the best parts and materials for superior plumber solutions. We provide the best affordable service.

Our professional plumbers can install a sprinkling system to turn your garden and outdoor area into a recreational oasis. Our professional plumbers will ensure you are ready for a great swimming season. Our professional plumbers will drain water away from your property to keep your foundation strong.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Find the best courteous, professional service at “Ritzplumbing.com”.

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