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Emergency Plumbing and Pipe Repair

Do you live in the greater Hollywood area? Do you have trouble with your sewer, or is your plumbing on the fritz? Why not call Ritz Plumbing? We specialize in quick fixes that last, and can restore health and functionality with sewer repair Hollywood residents need.

Call (888) 757-7489 for a Plumber Fast!

Don’t let your sewer get backed up and cause you inconvenience and costly blockage removal–try preventative maintenance from Ritz Plumbing. Using hydro jetting, pipe inspection and other techniques, our capable technicians can give you the kind of sewer cleaning that Hollywood residents deserve.

We also do toilet repair, toilet installation, and can check your water pressure regulator to see if you have low water pressure in your home. Low water pressure can cripple your plumbing, damage your pipes and cause great inconvenience as showers, sinks and other outlets become inoperative.

Even in Tinseltown, emergencies can happen. Whether rich and famous or middle class, a point arises where everyone has a clogged drain or broken pipe requiring a 24 hour emergency plumber to fix the problem.

Have a clogged toilet or sink? Call for drain cleaning Hollywood professionals or even rooter Hollywood professionals for bigger issues.

Ever thought about improving your hot water distribution system? Tankless water heater installation Hollywood is quick, reliable, and efficient, saving money from day one.

If you find yourself with a sewer connection that is seeping in your yard and the city won’t touch it, there are professional sewer line repair Hollywood experts that can fix the problem without raising a stink.

No matter the reason, you can find a fast, reliable, skilled plumber Hollywood anytime, day or night. If only every problem in life could be solved as quickly and easily as your plumbing needs.

Nothing disrupts your life at home faster than a leak in your plumbing system. Our quality leak detection Hollywood makes quick work of locating leaks in your home, even in hard-to-access areas like under cement slabs. Using high-resolution in-drain cameras, our expert plumbers get a real-time view of pipes and drains for fast and effective service.

24 Hour Service

Offering the kind of drain repair Hollywood needs is no good if we can’t offer it when it’s needed. At any hour of the day or night, Ritz Plumbing is prepared to offer you our premier service. The 24 hour plumber Hollywood requires is here: Ritz is the fastest-responding plumber service in the greater Hollywood area. Delivering sewer cleanout and toilet repair service 24/7, Ritz has your back during any plumbing disaster. Get the emergency plumber Hollywood deserves at Ritz with just one call.

Why risk an embarrassing plumbing disaster when you can have Ritz at your beck and call? The broad array of services available from our plumbers ensures you will no longer have to worry about plumbing system failure. Sewer line repair and even heater repair are no object to the veteran technicians at Ritz, and you will find your sewer and electric systems are healthier and more functional once we are finished. If you have plumbing or heating concerns in the Hollywood area, call us straight away. You won’t be disappointed!

We also provide the following services to Hollywood: